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3 Rivers Biotech with VP Sales and Business Development, Kevin Mehr. Washington is the home of their licensed facility, but they ship premium tissue cultured plants all over the US and world. From Washington to Florida, they’re here to help hemp farmers de-risk their operations, scale their production safely, and reap the benefits of this exciting crop. Almost every clonally-produced crop has moved to tissue culture plant starts for a reason. Plants that are starting disease-free tend to be highly vigorous throughout their life cycle and focus more energy on growth and secondary metabolite production, augmenting the performance of the crop and economic return.

Dr. Mehr received his Ph.D. in Genome Science and Technology from the University of British Columbia and translates this experience with genetics and plant science to every facet of client management and product development. Dr. Mehr oversees Business Development for 3 Rivers Biotech diverse set of offerings related to plant tissue culture, large-scale micropropagation, and genomics. Dr. Mehr has led the establishment of key partnerships with leading licensed producers in the industry and believes that advanced technologies like plant tissue culture will be the key to outpacing the competition in the industry and stabilization of the supply chain.