Naturaleaf Cannabis Dispensary

American Cannabis Company is proud to announce the acquisition of Naturaleaf™, a vertically integrated cannabis business located in the Colorado Springs area. This is ACC’s first entry into the retail sector of the cannabis industry, making a milestone for our company. We are excited for the ways in which this new phase will allow us to expand what we do.

Naturaleaf has been serving the Colorado Springs area since 2009, establishing a reputation as one of the leading medical marijuana providers in the region. As part of the acquisition, all three medically licensed Naturaleaf retails stores and their 10,000 square foot cultivation and extraction facility will now join the ACC family.

Why Naturaleaf?

American Cannabis Company has been vetting over 100 different acquisition opportunities over the last 18 months, and there were very few opportunities that presented a viable option. ACC is a publicly traded company and has additional SEC rules and reporting requirements which placed additional hurdles on any potential acquisitions.

The specific need to find a company with its books and financials in order in the event of an audit (for compliance purposes), and the ability to demonstrate significant revenue generation created a challenge in finding the right business to acquire. However, Naturaleaf met these requirements, providing an ideal fit for our first entry into the retail sector of the cannabis industry.

What Changes Will You See at Naturaleaf?

Naturaleaf, a medical marijuana provider since 2009, is a vertically integrated business from cultivation to extraction to retail distribution, to which ACC is going to make significant changes and updates to each aspect of the cultivation and extraction operations in order to expand production capacities while maintaining top-shelf quality.

As part of these updates, we will begin using our industry leading, proprietary cultivation methodologies, including SoHum Living Soils®, to ensure a more consistent, high quality flower product. Shifting the Naturaleaf cultivation methodology to SoHum Living Soils and the True Living Organic (TLO) processes will allow us to move to clean, cage-free cannabis production and utilize the most sustainable organic growing practices possible.

Over time, we plan to add automation to the cultivation process, as well as vertical farming (high-density cultivation) for maximization of square footage in the cultivation space to improve production yields at the newly acquired cultivation facility.

There will also be updates to the retail experience to make it more modern and elevate the level of service customers receive.

This will include:

  • Making all walls more aesthetic and eye pleasing
  • Creating a more minimalist décor
  • Installing new floors and cabinets
  • Adding interactive screens and menus
  • Adding best-in-market products

Naturaleaf Customers Will Benefit

Naturaleaf customers will be the primary beneficiaries of this acquisition while still enjoying the same great service that they have come to expect from the Naturaleaf brand. The current staff are some of the finest patient advocates in the area will continue build relationships and serve patients with the same care that have always enjoyed. In order to further elevate the customer experience, we are adding an updated member loyalty program that includes:

  • Daily specials
  • Daily happy hours
  • Online happy hours
  • A variety of giveaways that will be announced throughout the year

Additional Acquisitions May Be on the Horizon

While Naturaleaf represents our initial entrance into the cultivation and retail sectors of the cannabis industry, it is just the beginning for ACC and our expanding brand of cannabis businesses as we are currently working on two other potential acquisitions which we hope will come together shortly:

  • Good Meds Cultivation Facility (Denver Colorado)
  • BOSM Labs Extraction Company (Denver Colorado)

Both of these businesses are currently licensed for both medical and recreational cannabis operations. Additional announcements will follow once these acquisitions are complete.

After years of refining the standard operating procedures of other companies as part of our cannabis consulting services, it’s exciting for the American Cannabis Company to be able to implement and expand our knowledge into retail and cultivation businesses under our ACC Family of Brands.

We are always on the lookout for new acquisition opportunities. If you are interested in selling a portion or all of your licensed cannabis business, we would like to discuss the opportunity with you to see if it would be a good fit for American Cannabis Company. Please contact us today to get the process started.