American Cannabis Company, Inc. Provides Company Update On Overall Progress & Recent Activities

DENVER, CO / NEW MEDIA NEWS / May 09, 2019 / American Cannabis Company, Inc. (OTCQB: AMMJ) (“ACC”), a full-service business-to-business cannabis and hemp consulting solutions provider, wishes to provide the general public with an overall update on the company’s progress and recent activities.

Current Work
ACC is working on a multitude of active projects, completing various deliverables for clients across Arkansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Missouri, California, Florida, Massachusetts and Colorado. From deploying a vertically integrated operation in Denver, Colorado, to assisting clients in Oklahoma and Massachusetts in opening retail cannabis operations, ACC is spending a significant amount of time in other markets, boots on ground, as the company serves to help the cannabis industry expand its reaches. The company has also taken on international work in Macedonia, where it has been retained to complete conceptual design activities for a cannabis cultivation and processing facility, and is currently exploring new opportunities in South Africa, Bahrain, and Turkey.

Staying on the Cutting Edge
In 2018, ACC took on multiple contracts that exchanged lower-cost deliverables to clients, for variable equity interests across the country. The company is continuing to offer this option which should, in the long-term, increase revenues and shareholder value.
The overall goal and mission for ACC is to continue to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. It has been a fast-paced year for ACC thus far, and the company anticipates taking on more business while scaling up its respective divisions organically. Recently, the company has decided to license the “American Cannabis Company” brand to qualified groups that share the same goals and business interests. Here, ACC has come up with a retail brick-and-mortar storefront concept that is replicable in various store settings across the country. The company is currently seeking qualified groups or individuals who wish to operate under the ACC brand. When such relationships are secured, it not only serves the new markets as cities look to existing brands with industry tenure and experience, it also will serve to widen overall brand awareness for American Cannabis Company as a whole, further increasing overall brand value, and aiding the company to exist as a long-term player in the cannabis industry worldwide.
ACC is continually analyzing various strategic acquisitions as it looks to both diversify and expand its brand. While the company continues to seek these opportunities, the team is excited about Colorado HB 19-1090, a bill that has been produced that will allow for publicly traded entities such as ACC to have the ability to own cannabis licenses within the State. Owning cannabis licenses will give the company the opportunity to not only operate dispensaries, cultivation and extraction facilities, but also to do business as American Cannabis Company, Inc.
With regard to the ACC’s product line and suite of services, the company remains a leader on the cutting edge of innovation. From disruptive technology that will serve to significantly impact the cannabis cultivation community, to germplasm indexing and state-of-the-art plant tissue culture and micropropagation lab build-out services, ACC is working on a rollout of new products and services throughout the year. Dr. Mitch Day, lead scientist for ACC, commented: “Micropropagation is a fundamental method that needs to be part of any sophisticated cannabis breeding operation. With it, you can propagate large numbers of valuable, disease-free plants. Micropropagation also makes it cheaper to keep a larger variety of genetic backgrounds for use in breeding programs. I’m grateful for the chance to pursue my passion for plants by helping to implement large-scale micropropagation for our clients.” Dr. Day will be speaking about micropropagation on May 23, 2019 at the 7th Annual Indoor Ag-Con inside the Red Rocks Resort located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The company also recently unveiled facility on-site, and remote operational management services, to cannabis business operators seeking assistance with the general oversight to improve underperforming assets. ACC has taken on a number of management contracts since rolling out this service, and currently the company is working to actively deploy dispensary operations in Oklahoma, Colorado and Massachusetts.

American Hemp Services Division
With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill the company proudly rolled out American Hemp Services, a new division that focuses specifically on industrial hemp consultation. American Hemp Services is dynamically geared toward farmers and agricultural enthusiasts who seek assistance in the design, development and/or deployment of industrial hemp operations across North America and around the globe. Having multiple contracts for these types of services already executed, the company has received tremendous attention from people looking to break into the expansive industrial hemp space. In conjunction with its industrial hemp services, American Hemp Services will be working with the University of Alabama’s Department of Biological Sciences and other universities to further hemp research and develop industrial hemp testing protocols to study cultivar quality standards and overall state compliance. Jon Workman, Vice President of Hemp Business Development, commented: “Ever since the Farm Bill passed, our offices have been busy taking on new contracts all over the country. From business plan creation and financial modeling, all the way to full-scale farm design, roll-out and deployment, our company has been hard at work re-shaping American agriculture. We are looking forward to the future of hemp.”

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
ACC has also been vetting various partnership and strategic alliance opportunities. In 2018, ACC secured a strategic partner for architectural and MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) engineering services. ACC has also secured a relationship with a firm that specializes in cannabis extraction equipment, facility design, and formulation development. These extraction professionals provide both scientific and cannabis-specified expertise to assist in producing quality state license application materials, standard operating procedures and commercial grade facility design. As the industry progresses it will be key to have facilities built out to accommodate Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations as well as satisfy stipulations required to uphold best practices related to the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).
Further, ACC has aligned itself with a major branding and digital marketing company. This alignment adds an entire new arm of service offerings for the company to present to its clients, as this digital marketing firm covers a range of services, including but not limited to website design, graphic design, social media management, search engine optimization, targeted advertising, reputation management and app development. Additionally, ACC is having this digital marketing firm create brand new websites, for both the ACC brand and its propriety “just add water” potting mix, SoHum Living Soils®.
Tyler Schloesser, Chief Operating Officer of American Cannabis Company, commented: “We are excited to be engaged with our clients. As a company that provides top-tier, end-to-end consulting solutions for the regulated cannabis markets, we have been exposed to many aspects of the industry that others do not see with such transparency. Throughout 2018 the team worked hard to secure several new contracts, vendor relationships, and strategic partnerships. These new relationships have helped us to secure additional revenues as we have found several means of scaling up our business to suit the growing needs of our clients and this ever-expanding industry. Furthermore, our decision to license our brand to existing clients and qualified partners has been a real game changer.”
Terry Buffalo, American Cannabis Company’s Principal Executive Officer, commented: “We are excited about 2019 and the future of the company. We have been able to secure multiple licensing partnerships and will continue to exploit this industry’s evolving landscape. Licensing our brand has given us the ability to expand our footprint in such a way that will put our name at the forefront of the industry. We have spent a lot of time, money and energy in building the American Cannabis Company brand, and this value will be seen by the various groups that we choose to work with as we look to build branded retail dispensaries coast to coast.”

About American Cannabis Company, Inc.
American Cannabis Company, Inc. offers end-to-end solutions to existing and aspiring participants in the cannabis and hemp industries. We utilize our industry expertise to provide business planning and market assessment services, assist state licensing procurement, create business infrastructure and operational best practices. We aim to continue to grow the Company by taking equity positions in client projects, licensing the American Cannabis Company brand, as well as analyze acquisition opportunities worldwide. American Cannabis Company also developed and owns a portfolio of branded products including: SoHum Living Soils® – Winner of the 2017 High Times S.T.A.S.H Award for “Best Potting Mix”, The Cultivation Cube™ and the High-Density Cultivation System™. We also design and provide other industry specific custom product solutions.

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