Open a Dispensary in Canada

Cannabis laws in Canada are widely assumed more permissive than those in the United States, but the picture is complex. Canada cannabis legalization has been a long time coming, but for now, only medical cannabis is allowed.

Growing medical cannabis in Canada is subject to complicated regulation and a culture that varies between the country’s provinces. The medical cannabis program has been a great success, while recreational use is scheduled for legalization in mid-2018.

By the end of 2016, nearly 130,000 Canadians had signed up for medical cannabis. That number continues to grow – with a 32 percent leap recorded between September 2016 and the end of that year.

Understanding Canada’s Burgeoning Cannabis Market

Licensing & Planning: CanadaSince mid-2014, Canada has added more than 120,000 patients to its medical cannabis rolls. Although there are some differences, the use of medical cannabis looks familiar to anyone who knows medical cannabis rules in progressive US states.

Medical cannabis products are widely used to ameliorate symptoms of chronic health conditions, especially pain, and are available to a broad swath of the population with clearance from a medical professional. Over time, more patients have enjoyed the benefits.

With strong support from Canada’s current Liberal government, retail cannabis access for adults is proceeding apace. Although a firm start date has not been established yet, sometime around Canada Day – July 1 – is widely expected.

Stock market sources have reported that Canadian cannabis stocks are a popular buy in advance of legalization. The majority of Canadians support legalization, with 68 percent favoring it. Support is strongest in British Columbia and Ontario.

How to Open a Dispensary in Canada: Working With Our Neighbors to the North

Licensing & Planning: CanadaEstablished Canadian enterprises do have some logistical and operational advantages when it comes to opening a Canadian dispensary. That said, the demand for cannabis is expected to well outpace the production capacity of today’s medical cannabis facilities and local firms.

Just as Canadian municipalities moved throughout the 1990s to regulate nonprofit “compassion clubs” offering cannabis to those with medical conditions, some – like Vancouver – are moving forward on the development of forward-looking retail cannabis regulations.

Regulations are expected to vary substantially by province. Some cities will have a far bigger impact on the market than others. Entrepreneurs must be prepared to face significant regulatory and financial challenges while establishing Canadian operations.

Once these preliminaries are taken care of, however, they are likely to find a welcoming atmosphere with lucrative possibilities.

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