Design, Compliance and Optimization For Extraction

Jim Lieberman didn’t plan to get into the cannabis industry when he graduated from the University of Richmond with a B.A. in chemistry. But, years later, looking back on his colorful journey through water treatment, nuclear & hazardous materials management into the oil & gas industry and pharmaceutical industry – his experiences amalgamated perfectly into the founding of THC Safety, Inc.

Geoponics - The Philosophy Of Living Soil

Geoponics is not a new way of growing cannabis, but it has come a long way in the past decade.

Energy Rebates: Made Easy for Lighting Vendors and Growers

The rebates are enormous opportunities in some states that could cover a huge percent of the cost paid back. Every dollar counts when you’re part of the cannabis industry and looking for a energy rebate. Weed out those energy rebates that do not make sense for your business, and identify steps to qualify for available energy Rebates.

Growing the Hemp Industry

Insight on developing the technologies and infrastructure needed to create higher value co-products from the hemp plant and enabling whole hemp utilization.

State of The Art Cultivation: A Stroll Through The Grove

Take a look inside The Grove; one of the most state of the art cannabis cultivation facilities of the day. Enjoy a tour with American Cannabis Company, Inc., Denver based cannabis consultants working to provide comprehensive advisory, management, and product solutions for the Industry.

ACC Facility Buildout

 ACC remains solution agnostic and performs continuous research on new product market entries. Client product quality is the foundation of the ACC methodology.

High Density Cultivation System

HDCS was developed in the effort to maximize the amount of usable square feet within a cultivation facility plus maximize horticulture production yields.

Cultivation Cube

Where you grow can be just as important to your commercial cannabis cultivation business as how you grow. American Cannabis Company is proud to offer clients the Cultivation CubeTM, a self-contained system that meets regulatory guidelines and is scalable to your needs. Cultivation CubeTM utilities both 20’ & 40’ ISO containers, these cultivation containers are created to support a consistent growing environment by controlling ideal temperature, humidity and CO2 within each unit.

HDCS | Mobile Racking in Action

HDCS | Worlds Most Advanced Commercial Cannabis Grow

High Density Cultivation with SoHum Living Soils & AutoPot at The Grove

SoHum Living Soils

Welcome to the future of cultivation. We cracked the code to provide your plants the best, all natural, grow solution available.

ACC Vegas The Grove

A look inside one of the most innovative and advanced grow facilities in the nation; The Grove Las Vegas.