Cannabis Micropropagation

Micropropagation is just cloning, except you use extremely small pieces of the plant instead of stem segments. Micropropagation isn’t hard, but it is very different from standard growing practices. Be prepared to do your homework.

Ultrasonic Liquid Processing for Cannabis Extraction and Emulsification

Take a deep dive into ultrasonic liquid processing for cannabis extraction and emulsification, with our host Ellis Smith and guest Dr. Peshkovsky, Co-founder and President of Industrial Sonomechanics.

Bringing Cleanliness To The Forefront Of Cannabis

Work Clean, Grow Clean, Stay Clean: How facilities in the cannabis industry can prevent contamination and protect their product, patients, and team.

Design, Compliance and Optimization For Extraction

Jim Lieberman didn’t plan to get into the cannabis industry when he graduated from the University of Richmond with a B.A. in chemistry. But, years later, looking back on his colorful journey through water treatment, nuclear & hazardous materials management into the oil & gas industry and pharmaceutical industry – his experiences amalgamated perfectly into the founding of THC Safety, Inc.

Geoponics - The Philosophy Of Living Soil

Geoponics is not a new way of growing cannabis, but it has come a long way in the past decade.

Energy Rebates: Made Easy for Lighting Vendors and Growers

The rebates are enormous opportunities in some states that could cover a huge percent of the cost paid back. Every dollar counts when you’re part of the cannabis industry and looking for a energy rebate. Weed out those energy rebates that do not make sense for your business, and identify steps to qualify for available energy Rebates.

Growing the Hemp Industry

Insight on developing the technologies and infrastructure needed to create higher value co-products from the hemp plant and enabling whole hemp utilization.