The Current State of Cannabis in Michigan


Looking for the latest Michigan cannabis news? The cannabis industry is taking root all around the United States, and one of the most exciting places to be right now is Michigan. Locals are looking forward to changes in Michigan cannabis laws which may make growing medical cannabis in Michigan much easier – for patients, businesses, and their prospective employees.

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Recreational Cannabis in California is Now Legal


The legalization of cannabis in California has been moving forward apace for years now, and as 2018 dawns, California recreational cannabis is finally available to adults in the Golden State. With new rules on recreational cannabis going into effect and cannabis retail establishments opening at a fast clip, the news is great for individual California cannabis growers as well as enterprises seeking a license to grow cannabis in California.

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The Art & Science of Agriculture in Soil

The agricultural industry has evolved over the past several decades to become a well-oiled machine for delivering high yields. Unfortunately, technologies that enhance yields have outpaced the technologies that ensure high quality. This issue is especially magnified in the emerging cannabis industry. In this article, we will take a look at how American Cannabis Co. (OTC: AMMJ) is addressing these issues from both sides by enhancing quality and improving efficiency.

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