KORcannabis Case Study: Design, Build and Optimize a Clean Green Certified Cultivation Facility

KORcannabis cultivation facility design, build, optimize case study

KORcannabis: Rooted in Science. Designed by Nature.

To help build a 100% organic cultivation process, KORcannabis needed a partner to help design, build and optimize their Clean Green Certified® cannabis facilities and agricultural practices. They contracted American Cannabis Company to provide these services. The following case study highlights the ways in which our efforts were able to elevate their results.

The Challenge:

To help KORcannabis enter the cannabis market and create the safest and most effective plant medicine for cannabis patients.

The Solution:

Farmaganix – a merger of living soil organic farming and pharmaceutical-grade extraction and formulation.  Together we outlined the business plan, financials, regulations and property options to create Farmaganix.

Within 12 months of closing on the property lease, construction began on a 50,000 square foot facility to host 72,000 square feet of canopy space.  We designed the facilities to include 16 flower rooms with four tiers high for flower and six tiers for vegetation.  The entire workspace is designed for high workflow efficiency to deliver over 1,000 pounds of dried A-grade flower per week.

The cultivation process is optimized with SoHum Living Soils®, leveraging microbial interactions to create organic nutrients for flowering cannabis plants.  The process is 100% organic for the duration of the vegetation and flowering cycle and only uses pure water.

The Result:

KORcannabis is a new vertically-integrated cannabis company dedicated to combining the strength of science with the art of cannabis. Rooted with a background in Pharma, their state-of- the-art cultivation facilities, processing labs and retail dispensaries are meticulously operated with quality craftsmanship and innovative technology to create an exceptional user experience.

“The entire team at ACC has been great to work with.  They have saved us lots of time and money and we’re so excited about the future…”  Benji Baker, Director of Cultivation, KORcannabis

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