What Is the Age Limit of Medical Cannabis in California?

California Medical Marijuana Age Limit

Cannabis has had a complicated history in the United States. Around the time of Prohibition, it was outright outlawed. In recent years, many states have begun to decriminalize the substance to an extent with some states even allowing for recreational use. California is one of those states, and today, you can easily find a California cannabis dispensary in virtually every city. Many people even use cannabis for medical purposes. Regardless of how individuals use cannabis, there are restrictions, such as how old you can be to purchase it.

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How to Open Your Own Dispensary: 5 Basic Steps to Follow

How to Open Your Own Dispensary

The continued legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in different states has been an unprecedented process, creating a hotbed for investment that has people clamoring. According to Marijuana Business Daily, income generated from dispensaries and recreational shops is expected to range between $6.5 and $8 billion by 2019. In 2017, the industry generated more than $5 billion through sales. Here are the steps you can take to open a dispensary.

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