Dispensary Startups. State Laws. Business Software. Government Education.

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Dispensary Startups
American Cannabis CompanyEllis Smith shares and lays out the challenges that exist in starting up a dispensary. Creating a welcoming environment with a good image; and the customer experience is essential.

Brent Johnson on State Laws
Hoban Law Group logoBrent Johnson is CEO of Hoban Law Group which is among America’s largest cannabis law firms.

Sale Management Software
Lightspeed-HQAlexandre Therrien is Solutions Manager at Lightspeed HQ. They help small and mid-sized businesses integrate point of sale (POS) software develop technology to guarantee they are running effectively.

Interview with Janice Mackey of the CA Natural Resources Agency
Ca Dept of Fish and WildlifeJanice Mackey is an Information Officer for the State of California (Natural Resources Agency) Department of Fish and Wildlife. She details how the state is involved with the cannabis industry, and helping it grow and thrive.

Defining Cannabis Cultivation Energy Standards

Cannabis Tech and Ellis Smith had the opportunity to discuss the future of energy efficiency and standards with energy expert John Morris, founder and board secretary of Resource Innovation Institute.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Morris Energy Consulting, his company focuses on software as a service, electric vehicles, policy & regulatory affairs, cannabis and microgrids. Previously, Morris was the director of Policy and Affairs for CLEAResult, managing energy efficiency policy in 14 Western States and Canadian Provinces.

Today, Morris uses his vast experience in energy and efficiency to help establish best practices and energy consumption standards for cannabis cultivation facilities.

Cannabis Facility Design – Get Built & Licensed Quickly!

In this American Cannabis webcast, Nicole Delmage and Satto Rugg of MERJ architecture joined our host, Ellis Smith, for a live Q&A session to discuss:

* Cultivation design and workflow efficiency

* Importance of safety in extraction and processing design

* Dispensary customer experience

Specialized Financial Needs In Cannabis

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Specialized financial needs in cannabis with Simon Dufour, CPA for Hall & Company. For over 35 years, Hall & Company has embraced entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders for their visionary and independent spirits, and they specialize in serving their accounting, tax, and specialized financial needs. Hall & Company provides a vast array of advisory services, including tax, accounting, and specialized support for businesses and court cases. No matter how intricate a business challenge may be, their team becomes an entrepreneur’s most trusted resource.

The Answer To Social Equity

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The answer to social equity with Karim Webb. Karim is an Entrepreneurial Activist and CEO of 4thMVMT, an LA-based social equity initiative that seeks, vets, trains, finances and partners with individuals from communities who have been heavily impacted by the application of criminal justice, to own and operate competitive retail businesses. The primary goal of 4thMVMT is to cultivate human potential through empowering people and fostering well-being while engaging culture in an authentic and impactful way. The company prides itself on being the answer to social equity.

Dewey Scientific

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Dewey Scientific with Dr. Jordan Zager, Co-Founder / CEO. Dr. Zager is an expert in natural product biosynthesis and chemical analysis of cannabis resin compounds. Dr Zager earned his PhD from Washington State University, where his research set the stage for studying the regulatory events governing gene expression in cannabis and their effect on the biosynthesis of trichome-bound cannabinoids and terpenoids. Early in his career, Jordan set his sights on aggressively applying modern scientific methods to the cannabis industry and to bring cultivators the tools to become exceptional. Dewey Scientific, an agritech innovation company that pioneers the research and development of quality and consistent cannabis, announces its founders’ recent research paper, published by Plant Physiology, is now in the top five percent of all research outputs ever tracked by Altmetric. Dr. Zager recently presented his findings from the paper, Gene Networks Underlying Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Accumulation in Cannabis at the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, Oregon. The paper is co-authored by Chief Science Officer Dr. Mark Lange and others. The research analyzed genetic sequences from nine commercial cannabis strains. Drs. Lange and Zager discovered distinct gene networks responsible for individual strain’s production of cannabinoid and terpene resins. These types of compounds are underlying the plant’s medicinal and recreational benefits, along with accounting for its smell and taste. Dewey Scientific provides advanced scientific services to cannabis cultivators to increase crop resilience, productivity and robustness. Additionally, the Pullman, Washington agritech is developing its IP portfolio by advancing methods in tissue culture micropropagation, while leveraging genetic markers and meaningful biological data to guide cannabis breeding decisions. Dewey Scientific is the only cannabis agritech in Washington state founded by PhD plant biologists.

Pathogen Testing For The Cannabis

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Pathogen testing for the cannabis Milan Patel Co-Founder & CEO, PathogenDx. Patel leads the strategic vision, financial health and global growth of PathogenDx, a Scottsdale, AZ-based company which provides disruptive DNA-based pathogen testing technology and solutions for the cannabis, botanical, food and agricultural industries. Previously, Mr. Patel spent over 25 years working with the large public, small private and entrepreneurial companies in numerous fields from the life sciences, to biotechnology, to government services and the automotive industry.

Cannabis Franchising

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Cannabis franchising with Christian Hageseth, ONE Cannabis/Unity Rd. CEO Mike Weinberger, ONE Cannabis/Unity Rd. COO. ONE Cannabis is a cannabis franchisor with both retail and cultivation franchise opportunities available. The company’s franchise opportunities are founded on the proven business model perfected by nine-year industry veteran and founder of Green Man Cannabis, Christian Hageseth. With countless industry awards under the Green Man name, the marijuana mogul is now focused on building the world’s most powerful cannabis business franchise system under ONE Cannabis. The multi-state franchise is based out of Denver and co-founded by Hageseth as well as other cannabis & franchise industry veterans. Named an “Industry Trailblazer” by High Times magazine, Hageseth’s entrepreneurial journey in the cannabis industry is chronicled in his book: Big Weed: An Entrepreneur’s High-Stakes Adventures in the Budding Legal Marijuana Business. For more information about the ONE Cannabis franchise opportunity, visit http://ocginc.com.