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Commercial scale hemp paper with CEO of TINY e PAPER, Erica Halverson. TINY e PAPER CO makes 100% pure hemp paper on a commercial scale within a nominal cost increase over its tree paper version. They make their hemp paper out of hemp stalks and the waste from CBD Extractors, taking care of 2 problems within the cannabis industry and beyond. Selling their products/running their companies are using a smarter resource than trees and utilizing a lot of waste being generated by a rapidly growing category. Erica started TINY e PAPER after a serendipitous conversation over happy hour with a friend about hemp paper in Nov 2017. The proverbial lightbulb went off, and TINY e PAPER was born. Here too is where she started her own hemp education and realized just how important and special this plant is. Erica has found some of the best and brightest in hemp and other skill sets such as marketing and branding expertise and has added them to the TINY e TEAM as advisors and product developers. She is creating a hemp movement, and that requires participation from a larger group. You can join them on their mission to save the planet one plant at a time by checking out their website.