Looking for the latest Michigan cannabis news? The cannabis industry is taking root all around the United States, and one of the most exciting places to be right now is Michigan.

Locals are looking forward to changes in Michigan cannabis laws which may make growing medical cannabis in Michigan much easier – for patients, businesses, and their prospective employees.

Let’s look at some of the top stories in the world of Michigan cannabis today:

Medical Cannabis is Off to a Start in Michigan

After ten years on the road to full legalization and availability, medical cannabis finally launched in earnest this December, 2017. Although regulators only collected a small handful of license applications, interest is expected to expand greatly as more people learn about the new rules. The state was already home to many “caregiver centers” serving the needs of Michigan patients.

Full Legalization May See a Vote Sooner, Not Later

States throughout the U.S. have had great fortune with legalization of recreational cannabis use – serving thousands of people and collecting billions in revenue. More than enough signatures have been collected for an initiative on recreational legalization to join the November, 2018 ballot. Support is likely to grow further as people experience the benefits of medical cannabis.

The Regulatory Framework is Up and Running

Michigan legislators were slow to put meat on the bones of the rules that would govern medical cannabis facilities – despite initially approving medical cannabis back in 2008. Now, those rules have taken form. They provide clear guidelines throughout the medical cannabis supply chain, including rules for growers, processors, logistics, and provisioning centers.

Most Michigan Voters Already Support Legalization

A fresh poll discussed by The Detroit News on January 23, 2018 suggests that legalization has broad support throughout the state. About 57% of 600 respondents said they support legalization, with only 37% opposed. Even many of those who have never tried cannabis backed legalization. Support for Michigan to develop its own cannabis rules is robust, with 78% support.

Business is Spread from Tri-County Area to Rural

In Michigan’s famed Detroit Tri-County Area – including urban counties like Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne – only five municipalities have moved forward to permit grow facilities and retail cannabis businesses. Of these, Detroit is the biggest. So far, 38 communities throughout the rest of the state have already extended approval. Many of these are rural areas ideal for growing.

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