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Dewey Scientific with Dr. Jordan Zager, Co-Founder / CEO. Dr. Zager is an expert in natural product biosynthesis and chemical analysis of cannabis resin compounds. Dr Zager earned his PhD from Washington State University, where his research set the stage for studying the regulatory events governing gene expression in cannabis and their effect on the biosynthesis of trichome-bound cannabinoids and terpenoids. Early in his career, Jordan set his sights on aggressively applying modern scientific methods to the cannabis industry and to bring cultivators the tools to become exceptional. Dewey Scientific, an agritech innovation company that pioneers the research and development of quality and consistent cannabis, announces its founders’ recent research paper, published by Plant Physiology, is now in the top five percent of all research outputs ever tracked by Altmetric. Dr. Zager recently presented his findings from the paper, Gene Networks Underlying Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Accumulation in Cannabis at the Cannabis Science Conference in Portland, Oregon. The paper is co-authored by Chief Science Officer Dr. Mark Lange and others. The research analyzed genetic sequences from nine commercial cannabis strains. Drs. Lange and Zager discovered distinct gene networks responsible for individual strain’s production of cannabinoid and terpene resins. These types of compounds are underlying the plant’s medicinal and recreational benefits, along with accounting for its smell and taste. Dewey Scientific provides advanced scientific services to cannabis cultivators to increase crop resilience, productivity and robustness. Additionally, the Pullman, Washington agritech is developing its IP portfolio by advancing methods in tissue culture micropropagation, while leveraging genetic markers and meaningful biological data to guide cannabis breeding decisions. Dewey Scientific is the only cannabis agritech in Washington state founded by PhD plant biologists.