Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Ellis Smith at American Cannabis Company, thanks for tuning in today. I want to talk to you today about dispensary design and how important it is to hire the right team and resources to ensure you design this thing properly. There’s many different levels to designing your dispensary; really a lot of different things you have to take into perspective. And I’m going to kind of outline some of that through this today.

So, first and foremost, make sure the building that you choose is zoned properly, make sure it’s in the right place in the community, is going to allow you to operate this kind of business.

Once you’ve crossed that line and you make sure that’s correct, then you’ve got to start to understand, make sure that the facility is designed from a compliance standpoint. Meaning, you’re following the rules and regulations on: Where they want the product stored, how they want to remove up the floor day and night.

And a lot of this stuff would dictate how we design this thing. And so it kind of break the design component into front of the house and back of the house. And really it’s the customer experience and then the budtender experience. And the budtender experience is twofold.

One, it is, how does product come in the back door into the facility?

How is it stored and then how does that product get moved onto the floor daily for the sales process to happen. And then how do you refill that stock as it is depleted in the unit to restore, ensure you can keep those sales going on that day.

So, we’ve got understand those design components, making sure they’re seamless and they meet the compliance aspect. But also too, we’ve got to understand the customer.

Retail is all about that experience and keeping customers coming back and enjoying that whole process.

What is it going to like when they walk in the door?

Do they have to show their ID and staying in a waiting room?

Do they automatically get led into the floor?

Do they have a budtender that follows them all the way through the process or they have free rings to walk to the store?

How are you displaying your products? Are they on a wall?

Are they in cases on the floor?

Are they part of the sales process where the POS system happens?

All these things have to take into account when you’re designing this thing to ensure it’s a seamless process. It meets the expectation of the customer and it’s an enjoyable process. Doesn’t take forever. They’re lost. They don’t know how to get to the POS system. They don’t know what products should offer.

Is their education material out so they can learn how to use these things that they’ve never seen these before?

So much information has to be kind of brought into this mindset of design. So, be sure that you’re hiring the right person or resource or firm to assist you with this aspect.

Give us a call. We do it too. We’re glad to help you.

Thanks for tuning in.