Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Ellis Smith at American Cannabis Company, thanks for tuning in.

I want to talk to you today about extraction design and how important it is to hire the right resource to assist you with this. We’ve got some great resources here at ACC that we work with that are owners and operators that do design work.

I have backgrounds in chemistry, have worked in labs, have worked in pharmaceutical labs. Well, they can bring the expertise, understanding of what it takes to really design this layout and functionality to one to meet the very strict code that you have to follow.

Whether you’re doing hydrocarbons, whether you’re doing CO2 and whether you’re doing solventless, there’s a requirement that you have to follow for each one of those extraction methods.

And we ensure that we can design and build that to meet those for you. But also, we’re going to play into account what products are you going to manufacturer, what space allocation do you need for those in products that would be going into the market that you’re going to be either wholesaling or selling through your retail channel.

And so it’s very important to understand all these process flow perspectives when designing your facility. So, give us a call, we love to assist you with your extraction design and make sure that the same meets the compliance aspect, but also can give you an efficient workflow.

And the space allocation is not too large and you have unused space. And it’s not too small and you wish you had more space.

Thanks for reaching out.