Video Transcript:

Hey, this is Ellis Smith from American Cannabis Company, thanks for tuning in.

I want to talk to you today about SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) and how important they are for any new business or existing business.

So for those of you folks that are getting into the industry, whether it is cultivation, extraction or even dispensary, make sure that you understand exactly each workflow that has to happen within your business. And have a set standard operating procedure that you can write out so that you can train off of exactly each aspect of that workflow.

This is what is going to make your business be more organized. It’s going to help you make sure you can be competitive in the marketplace and really make sure you have your shit together – excuse my French.

And so make sure you are having someone internally write them. Or if not, please reach out to American Cannabis Company as we can assist you with putting together these tools.

We have some set templates that we work off of to come into your facility that we customize based off of how many steps it takes to do each workflow, how many keystrokes it takes to complete a task, and a few other tricks that we have up our sleeve to really ensure that every single task from the compliance to the admin, to how do you remove cannabis waste materials in everything in between.

So, please make sure that you have these tools in place. If not, give us a call and thanks for tuning in.