Dispensary Permits in New Hampshire

Dispensary Permits in New Hampshire

Opening a Dispensary in New Hampshire

In 2013, New Hampshire joined other states in legalizing medical cannabis by passing HB 573. The New Hampshire cannabis laws allow patients with qualifying medical conditions to enroll with the State’s Department of Health and Human Services and get access to a maximum of two ounces of cannabis at a time. This Department was mandated to choose four non-profit Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) that will grow and sell cannabis to patients. Three applicants were selected and licensed in 2015 to operate the state’s first ATCs, geographically positioned throughout the state.

In March 2017, the New Hampshire House of Representatives backed the amendment of cannabis qualifications and legalized possession of no more than half an ounce of cannabis. Also, an amendment bill has been introduced to decriminalize recreational use of cannabis. If passed, the new New Hampshire cannabis growing laws would permit adults to possess a maximum of 5 grams of hashish, up to three-quarters of an ounce of cannabis, certain cannabis-infused products, and cultivate a maximum of 6 plants at home.

Cannabis Market in New Hampshire

How to Open a Dispensary in New HampshireNew Hampshire is on the brink of growing its cannabis program from the initial four to six dispensaries, a move that will see the addition of two more businesses to an industry that has been struggling economically, but now recovering. The legislation was passed by the policymakers calling for the addition of the two cannabis dispensaries in New Hampshire’s sparsely populated. Ever since the state introduced Post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain to the list of qualifying conditions in August 2017, there has been a rapid growth in patient counts. By December 2017, there were 4,753 registered patients in New Hampshire.

It’s projected that New Hampshire cannabis dispensaries will record between $10 million and $15 million based on the current four state dispensaries. And with the addition of more dispensaries, the market is expected to expand massively.

New Hampshire’s Alternative Treatment Center (ATC) Guidelines

ATCs are registered under RSA 126-X:7. They can possess, cultivate, acquire, deliver, manufacture, transfer, supply, sell, dispense, and transport cannabis and other related supplies as well as educational materials to both eligible patients and other alternative treatment centers. An applicant is expected to pay a $3,000 Request for Application (RFA) Submission fee and $20,000 RFA selection fee.

American Cannabis Consulting, Inc.

Breaking into a cannabis dispensary business can be tough; there are limited chances with overwhelming applications. Seeking the help of a competent consultant could be your best bet in avoiding the many hurdles and losses you could encounter. American Cannabis Company can help you to apply cost-effectively and obtain permits and licenses. Contact us today to learn more about opening a dispensary in New Hampshire.