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Tyler Schloesser

Tyler Schloesser

Tyler Schloesser attended the University of Colorado at Boulder where in just three years’ time he received a double major degree in Psychology (clinical/neuroscience focus) and Philosophy (pre-law/ethics focus). Choosing not to pursue a direct career in his respective areas of academia, Tyler desired to become more familiar with business and finance. He went on to work in Denver, Colorado for two national banks, gaining experience as a banker, senior banker, sr. bank compliance associate and lastly in bank management. Working in the small business and retail banking industry has provided Tyler with the first-hand experience of understanding the issues that cannabis businesses face, especially with respect to banking. Tyler functions at American Cannabis Company, Inc. primarily to develop and maintain policies, procedures, processes and risk mitigation best practices as well as manage and perform day-to-day internal operational tasks that are associated with keeping the engine of a public company running. Tyler also serves as a member of the SoHum Advisory Board. The SoHum Advisory Board provides strategic management and scientific advice for the Company’s proprietary all-natural potting mix, SoHum Living Soils®. This group is comprised of individuals with varying and unique backgrounds who meet regularly to plan and discuss the soil brand as it relates to environmental ethics, soil testing, brand management, research and development, marketing and sales.

Michael Schwanbeck

Michael Schwanbeck - Chief Financial Officer

Michael Schwanbeck is an experienced tax professional with extensive tax experience serving a broad scope of entities. Michael was born and raised in Minnesota where he received his bachelor's degree of accountancy while participating in the rugby football, accounting, and entrepreneurship clubs and tutoring college level math and business. After a traumatic injury, Michael discovered cannabis as a preferred alternative to pain management, which led to an ever-increasing passion and desire to work in the industry. He dedicated months into research and planning that ultimately resulted in moving to Denver, Colorado to pursue his passion and build his career. When not riding his mountain bike, Michael enjoys hiking and planning his next outdoor adventure. Michael brings knowledge, problem solving abilities and strategic vision to American Cannabis Company.

Jon Workman

Jon Workman

Jon Workman – Mr. Workman has a unique combination of agriculture and finance experience having lived on a large row crop farming operation in Arkansas for nearly 3 decades and working for over 20 years in the capital markets while living in Los Angeles. While in California he managed a large fixed-income sales and trading operation for Wedbush Morgan Securities providing trading services to a broker base of more than 1,000 investment executives. Mr. Workman is also responsible for development of their electronic fixed-income trading platform. While at WMS he designed, developed and implemented a brokered certificated of deposit (CD) program with annual sales increases of >35% for 4 consecutive years. After moving back to his roots in 2013 he joined his brother to manage and operate their family farm and ranch. Their current farming operation is more than 7,000 acres with soybeans, corn, wheat and rice grown in 3 counties in Southeast Arkansas while their beef cattle operation has over 1,000 head of Angus cows and calves. Mr. Workman also manages their farms applications and compliance in USDA Farms Service Agency (FSA) and National Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) programs for both row crop and livestock operations.

Bethany Niebauer

Bethany Niebauer - Chief Compliance Consultant

Bethany Niebauer first entered the cannabis industry in 2015 and has loved putting her writing skills to good use ever since. She specializes in preparing license applications in emerging markets for clients who have limited experience with the cannabis industry. She has created compelling, compliant applications in over a dozen jurisdictions, and has won in many competitive jurisdictions. Quite simply: Bethany has an impressive history that gets results. Each state has its own complex laws that must be understood and adhered to when preparing an application, and Bethany enjoys the challenge created by this state-specific model. Her applications are always in line with the client’s values, mission, and goals, and she spends a lot of time with clients helping them fully develop their ideas. Originally from North Carolina, she enjoys reading, knitting, hiking, and snowboarding. Bethany holds a B.A. in French from the University of North Carolina at Asheville, and a J.D. from the Charlotte School of Law.

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