Our Network of Expert Partners

Success in the regulated cannabis markets takes a small army of qualified professionals who share your vision and business ethics. We help align you with key partners to support turning your dreams into a reality.


From experts in cannabis, intellectual property and/or business we can align you with the right fit to fulfill your legal needs.


With the banking challenges and complexities of 280E the right accounting partner can mean the difference between success and failure.


From the merit-based application process to the cost of facility build-out, the capital requirements for entering the regulated cannabis markets are intensive. However, it is also a rapid growth industry with significant interest from the investment community. We can help position you to secure the right capital partners who share your vision.

Human Resources

As with any industry, human capital is one of your most important assets. In addition to our internal staffing services we provide you with partners who deliver turn-key human resource solutions. From executive recruiting and payroll to health insurance, our partners can help you to overcome some of the biggest hurdles in the regulated cannabis industry.


Successful, compliant operations require the right expert solutions. Examples include environmental control systems, seed-to-sale tracking systems and smart lighting technology. We help you evaluate these opportunities and select the right fit for your company.


Your security plan and system is critical for obtaining licensing approval and ensuring successful operations. Mitigating the risk of theft and/or diversion is achieved by working with security partners who understand the unique requirements of operating in the regulated cannabis space.

Real Estate

As with any industry, location is key. With many states allowing cities and and counties to opt out of the adopted program, the importance of location is amplified in the cannabis markets. Site location can be one of the biggest challenges especially in emerging markets. The right real estate partner armed with the right location specifications will get you over this hurdle.

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