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State of The Art Cultivation: A Stroll Through The Grove

Take a look inside The Grove; one of the most state of the art cannabis cultivation facilities of the day. Enjoy a tour with American Cannabis Company, Inc., Denver based cannabis consultants working to provide comprehensive advisory, management, and product solutions for the Industry.

ACC Facility Design & Build-out

 ACC remains solution agnostic and performs continuous research on new product market entries. Client product quality is the foundation of the ACC methodology.

High Density Cultivation System™ (HDCS)

HDCS was developed in the effort to maximize the amount of usable square feet within a cultivation facility plus maximize horticulture production yields.

Cultivation Cube™

Where you grow can be just as important to your commercial cannabis cultivation business as how you grow. American Cannabis Company is proud to offer clients the Cultivation CubeTM, a self-contained system that meets regulatory guidelines and is scalable to your needs. Cultivation CubeTM utilities both 20’ & 40’ ISO containers, these cultivation containers are created to support a consistent growing environment by controlling ideal temperature, humidity and CO2 within each unit.

SoHum Living Soils®

Welcome to the future of cultivation. We cracked the code to provide your plants the best, all natural, grow solution available.