Dispensary Permits in Alaska

Opening a Dispensary in Alaska

Licensing & Planning: Alaska

When it comes to the exciting business of medical and recreational cannabis, Alaska is often overlooked. Cannabis dispensaries in Alaska face some unique challenges in the cultivation environment, but should not hesitate to embrace the state’s outstanding business opportunities.

Over the last few years, Alaska cannabis laws have changed for the better. In fact, the cannabis prohibition endorsed by cannabis laws in Alaska finally came to an end in 2015. Ballot Measure 2, approved by 53% of Alaska voters, decriminalized cannabis in the state.

Interestingly, Measure 2 reversed a previous Measure 2, in 1990, which criminalized cannabis.

With Alaska cannabis growing laws and other rules aligning with consumer demand and the latest research, Alaska’s market is poised to open for entrepreneurial investment. Cannabis has now been recognized as the #1 fastest-growing industry in America.

In historical context, the shift in Alaska’s cannabis laws has been striking. The state went from a situation where medical cannabis was legal, but virtually unobtainable, to one in which adults can grow and utilize cannabis products in a moderately permissive context.

Up to 12 cannabis plants are now allowed for households in Alaska.

How to Open a Dispensary in Alaska: The Facts for Motivated Business Leaders

Licensing & Planning: AlaskaBecause of its geography and relatively small population, many entrepreneurs have not examined Alaska as a place to do business. This provides a key advantage to those who are willing to move quickly and harness the momentum of current trends in the state.

In early 2016, Alaska started its move toward cannabis accessibility without an infrastructure of medicinal dispensaries to show the way. More than 100 pages of draft regulations had been set up and authorized, but the promise to “regulate cannabis like alcohol” still seemed distant.

Today, Alaska remains a highly fluid and entrepreneurial environment for cannabis.

Those who want to open an Alaska cannabis dispensary must navigate a fluid situation where some particulars are still being worked out. A cannabis license requires significant fees and paperwork. In addition, business principals and others must be Alaska residents.

Because of the residency requirement, investments, and comprehensive Operating Plan required, only a fraction of potential cannabis executives will delve into this high-potential market – which offers a thrilling combination of expanded demand and depressed competition.

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