Extraction & Infusion

Cannabis concentrates and extractions have over time become the preferred product choice for an increasing number of consumers. Several states have also embarked on intensive processes to develop variations with the most notable being inhalation delivery of cannabis. To ensure the consistent cannabis extraction, we have a seasoned team that works round the clock to implement efficient facility designs and radical selection of equipment. We help you build an extraction lab and understand how to operate it. The consumer segment is rapidly developing, and the secret to success is ensuring that you consistently produce the concentrates.

Commercial Infusion Kitchen

Manufactured Infused Products (MIPs) are also increasingly growing in popularity, especially in adult-based markets. We virtually sensitize on flavor, consistent dosage, and product quality in achieving success within the operations of your MIPs. Critical in meeting customers’ needs, we have become accustomed to offering unique product licensing opportunities as well as standard services.

Infused cannabis provides numerous benefits and edibles are an effective long-term method of medication. The processes of creating cannabis-infused products must be carried out in a controlled environment. We have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements and know exactly what equipment, ceiling construction, wall construction, and flooring should be put in place for an acceptable MIP facility. We also help you conduct an industrial hygiene review to certify your facility.

Industrial Tailored Solutions

With the aid of our highly competent team, American Cannabis Company goes beyond its horizons to get up-close and personal with clients. It’s our firm belief that resonates with the needs of entrepreneurs significantly helps in transferring critical feedback to execution. Such unwavering commitment to perfection helps deliver high-quality products essential in retaining and attracting new customers.

The majority of equipment we use exist in related industries, but specific circumstances would instigate the creation of customized customer solutions. Fortunately, our talented team shall progressively assist you in tackling and overcoming such challenges. The pot washer serves as an excellent example of how this innovative product has revolutionized the medical cannabis industry. In a nutshell, the device operates by improving workflow, reaping the benefits of economies of scale, and emphasizing on large-scale cannabis infusion.

Conversely, the Satchel is an invention used by dispensary owners to assemble orders and handle post-sale handling in accordance with the state’s legislation. As the cannabis market continues to expand, this equipment will be key to ensuring sustained public safety and brand recognition.

Let us help you design an extraction and infusion facility that meets the regulatory requirements as well as your economical needs. Contact us today to speak with a friendly ACC consultant.

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