Licensing and Planning – Florida

For all of the places where medical cannabis has been approved, it has become one of the fastest-growing industries in a generation. Now, as medical marijuana makes its debut in the Sunshine State, Florida stands to benefit from this opportunity.

Cannabis is an Industry You Can’t Miss

Around the country, older patients who suffer debilitating, chronic pain often use medical cannabis. It is no surprise that Florida is bracing for high levels of demand as lawmakers work out the details around cannabis businesses.

As of the 2010 census, Florida was home to just under 16 million residents. A total of 2.54 million were aged 50-64, prime demographics for using medical cannabis. The 2020 census is expected to reveal substantial growth in this segment, aligned with overall trends.

With that in mind, it has truly never been a better time to invest in cannabis.

However, using the help of a cannabis consulting company is absolutely essential.

A Cannabis Consulting Company Can Help You With Your Marijuana Business Investment

Although cannabis is a business opportunity like none other in a century, getting started is complex. Florida has already established some of the toughest regulations for licensing certain kinds of businesses – for example, massage and alternative care. The laws around cannabis are shaping up in a way that follows the spirit of these strict standards.

Medical cannabis was proposed in Florida in 2014, but cultivation and doctors’ ability to prescribe were severely restricted. Public support was relatively low for the rules, which were not as helpful to patients as those in other states.

In 2016, the ballot initiative Amendment 2 expanded qualifying health conditions and the variety of legal products. It passed with broad public support on November 8, 2016. Though about 200 doctors were qualified to prescribe by January 2017, this left much to be decided by regulators.

Laws and regulations are still in flux, so serious investors and entrepreneurs should look closely at how cannabis consulting companies can help them. With expertise from American Cannabis Company, Inc., you can avoid the legal pitfalls and build a sustainable business model.

Without expert assistance, many businesses have fallen prey to the long application process. In accordance with F.S. 381.986(5)(b), even low-THC dispensaries have been heavily scrutinized by regulators – and limited numbers of licenses are issued on a statewide basis.

American Cannabis Company, Inc.

Your enterprise can benefit from the astonishing opportunities offered by medical cannabis – and using a trusted, well-known name in the state. Simply contact American Cannabis Company, Inc. to find out more about our one-on-one business services and unique cultivation products.