Licensing and Planning – Maine

On January 30th, 2017, marijuana laws in Maine took a big step forward as recreational adult use was approved in the state. Maine medical marijuana laws were already favorable to industry innovation, but recreational legalization has been long in coming.

The 2016 ballot initiative was a very close call, prompting a statewide recount. Two weeks into the process, the effort was dropped – clearing the way for lasting, positive change in Maine marijuana law. Throughout 2017, lawmakers have been hard at work with key adjustments to major provisions, including Maine marijuana growing laws and more.

As of today, recreational use is still inaccessible in Maine – but perhaps not for long.

Licensing and Planning - Maine
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Current State of Play in Maine’s Cannabis Market

Continuing revisions to Maine cannabis laws have been a mixed bag so far. Some consumer-focused services, like internet sales and home delivery, have been done away with or severely limited. On the other hand, medical marijuana is encouraged and expanding in popularity.

Maine legislators completed their rewrite of relevant regulations in October, but that is not the end of the story. Additional access to marijuana is opposed by Maine’s governor, Paul LePage, who recently vetoed the bill that would open the recreational cannabis market in Maine.

With so many Maine taxpayers enthusiastically supporting recreational cannabis, the writing is on the wall for its eventual adoption. In this, Mainers have the positive example of their own medical cannabis successes to look toward.

Medical marijuana patients in Maine have had access to high-quality cannabis-focused treatment since 1999. This proved so popular that it was enhanced by a new citizen-initiated act intended to establish distribution mechanisms. Medical use of cannabis is so well-established in the state that most proposals around recreational use include tax incentives for qualifying patients.

How to Open a Dispensary in Maine in 2018

Licensing and Planning - Maine

Although some politicians remain opposed, demand for medical marijuana in Maine is growing. Maine adults can currently possess or transport small amounts of marijuana – they just lack opportunities to purchase it in a safe, convenient and fully-regulated environment.

Many clues about dispensary strategy are provided in the ballot initiative.

New dispensary licenses in Maine are expected to be issued starting February 2018. Specific license types are anticipated for retail stores, social clubs and facilities where cultivation, manufacturing or testing take place. License fees are intended to be relatively modest, with most facilities spending $2,500 or less, and there will be no statewide cap on facility totals.

With these rules in mind, Maine will represent a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors who prepare for licensing today. American Cannabis Company has helped clients from all across the United States establish thriving cannabis businesses successfully.

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