Licensing and Planning – Oregon

In 2014, Oregon’s Measure 91 opened the door for recreational cannabis in the state.
Recreational marijuana has been accessible in Oregon since 2015, with locals permitted to grow up to four plants and maintain 8 ounces of usable product in their possession. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) maintains the regulations.

Oregon recreational cannabis is enormously popular. Plus, with a population nearing 4.1 million, the coastal state can play home to a major cannabis market. Oregon marijuana growing laws are permissive to individuals, but established businesses will have great opportunities.

With positive influence from nearby states like Washington and California, Oregon has crafted one of the most friendly climates for cannabis users and the cannabis industry itself. Among today’s recreational marijuana states, Oregon state marijuana laws stand out.

Enthusiasm for Quality Cannabis Products Remains Strong in Oregon

Licensing and Planning - Oregon

Oregon permits both adult recreational marijuana and medical cannabis use. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program caters to patients with a wide range of conditions, including cancer, glaucoma, neurological conditions and HIV/AIDS.

As of October 2017, there are nearly 60,000 patients as well as about 23,000 caregivers, 30,000 growers and 23,000 grow sites enrolled. This alone makes Oregon’s one of the most promising medical marijuana programs in the United States.

Among the recreational cannabis community, usage by Oregonians is generally thought to be higher than in the rest of the country. In January 2016, a little less than a year after recreational use was enacted, about 10 percent of all Oregonians surveyed said they use cannabis products.

In June 2016, well after would-be recreational customers were allowed to buy from medical marijuana dispensaries, consumption remained robust. Cannabis products are taxed heavily, but convenient access and growing laws have helped.

How to Open a Dispensary in Oregon: Current Business Considerations

Licensing and Planning - Oregon
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Oregon may be home to hundreds of retail locations and dispensaries already, but demand is growing. An energetic community of cannabis hobbyists is always on the lookout for innovative approaches, and laws are continuing to align. Reduced cannabis taxes are on the horizon.

Luckily, opening a dispensary in Oregon can be both efficient and profitable.
As of this writing, guidelines are well-established for retail locations and dispensaries of various sizes. Licensing fees run between $3,750-$5,750, making them very competitive compared to most other states. Statutory limits on the number of marijuana industry sites are also relaxed.

Although Oregon is a tremendous business opportunity, investors should take care to retain expert advice. OLCC licensing standards for each category of marijuana product and business activity are both precise and strict.

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