Licensing and Planning – Washington

With a population of more than 7 million people, Washington has outstanding opportunities to be a thriving cannabis market. When it comes to medical marijuana Washington State has long set its own unique course; more recently, the same has been true of recreational marijuana.

Those who are wondering how to open a dispensary in Washington will be glad to hear that cannabis licensing recently took a big leap there. Many years of forward-looking policy are now culminating in a way that’s sure to spur cannabis entrepreneurship.

The Long History of Cannabis in Washington State: A Brief Primer for Entrepreneurs

Licensing and Planning – WashingtonWashington dispensaries have been serving qualified patients for many years now. In fact, the state’s Initiative 692 permitting Washington state medical marijuana was approved all the way in 1998. This was a tremendous landmark, but it did not do enough to make care accessible.

Over the years, Washington state has quietly made great progress in medical marijuana, often by amending I-692. For example, a 2010 adjustment expanded the types of healthcare professionals who can authorize access to medical marijuana.

Recreational marijuana took its first major stride with Initiative 502. Approved by voters in 2012, its purpose was to legalize recreational cannabis access and permit adult possession of up to one ounce of product obtained from a regulated and licensed business.

Since then, Washington has remained one of the pioneers of national cannabis policy.

As recently as this year, additional rules authorized patients and providers to buy immature plants, clones and seeds from a licensed grower. In short, Washington is – and has long been – one of America’s most sophisticated states in terms of marijuana policies, processes and business.

That gives it a unique position as one of America’s most attractive cannabis markets.

Cannabis Consulting Can Help You Sell Medical Marijuana in Washington

Licensing and Planning – WashingtonNo matter whether you want to sell medical or recreational marijuana in Washington, cannabis licensing is no easy feat. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board leads all relevant credentialing and has established strict processes across every link in the supply chain.

Washington’s fee structure offers a far more cost-effective experience than some states – for example, a $250 application fee for marijuana producers and retailers compared to tens of thousands in some other markets. However, it carries its own unique challenges.

Due to the large number of business classifications and the bevy of rules for each, the best way to enter the Washington market is through step-by-step help from cannabis industry experts. American Cannabis Company delivers deep insight backed by years of experience in Washington and across the United States. Our successful clients are found coast to coast.

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