Dispensary Permits in Louisiana

Opening a Dispensary in Louisiana

dispensary-license-in-louisiana_american-cannabis-companyOver the years, Louisianans have built a robust economy and, in 2016, Louisiana joined the other states that have an operational, legal cannabis industry. Cannabis laws in Louisiana were passed under Louisiana Senate Bill 271. This was an amendment to the state’s original medical cannabis bill. Initially, physicians were allowed to prescribe cannabis to patients, but the amended SB 271 states that physicians are permitted to recommend cannabis only to patients with qualifying medical conditions. More qualifying conditions that garnered the legal use of cannabis were added to the list later on. Patients are only allowed to buy and use cannabis in approved forms, which does not constitute inhaled and raw forms. Approved forms include cannabis-based edibles, capsules, oils, and topical products. SB 271 allows only one cultivation center and ten pharmacies to distribute medical cannabis.

The objective of this law was to speed up the distribution of cannabis and provide patients with quicker access to medical cannabis. The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy monitors the program and is responsible for authorizing the issuance of licenses to cannabis dispensaries and product manufacturing facilities. It also creates rules and regulations for extraction, processing, production, testing, dispensing, and supplying of prescribed therapeutic cannabis.

Booming Medical Cannabis Industry in Louisiana

Older patients often use medical cannabis to treat debilitating, chronic conditions, and it’s no surprise that Louisiana is bracing for higher levels of demand. As of the 2010 census, Louisiana was home to over 4.8 million residents. A total of 557,604 were over 65 years of age, the prime demographics for the use of medical cannabis. The population has continued to age, and medical cannabis sales are expected to reach 27 million dollars by the year 2021. The industry is still in its early stages with a lot of changes expected to accommodate entrepreneurs and investors. Businesses that establish themselves early will be best positioned to lead the industry in the foreseeable future. However, it is essential to use the help of a trusted, well-known cannabis consulting company.

Licensing Requirements

Those wishing to operate cannabis dispensaries in Louisiana must pay a $150 licensing fee and a $5,000 application fee that is non-refundable. Any bid must include the bidder’s proof of eligibility and capability to operate a Louisiana cannabis dispensary. Also, inventory control, financial, security, procedures and policies, patient education and patient record keeping plans must be included.

American Cannabis Company, Inc.

American Cannabis Company has been actively consulting with many dispensaries in the state. Our experienced consulting team can help you strategically plan your operations to cost-effectively and efficiently obtain the permits and licenses you need to open a dispensary in Louisiana. Contact us today for more information.