Dispensary Permits in Minnesota

Licensing and Planning – MinnesotaMinnesota may not be the first place you think of when you think of medical marijuana – let alone a movement to legalize recreational use. Still, there are signs that this fast-growing state of about 5.5 million people is moving toward policies that accommodate medical marijuana patients more readily. That could mean great business opportunities in the near future.

How to Open a Dispensary in Minnesota: Information from the Experts


Licensing and Planning – MinnesotaMinnesota marijuana laws have somewhat lagged behind those in most of the rest of the country, and the same can be said of Minnesota marijuana growing laws. The state finally updated its laws to permit limited medical marijuana use in 2014, giving patients access in July 2015.

The original rules permitted patients with nine conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease and glaucoma. Surprisingly, chronic pain sufferers were not initially deemed eligible.

Since then, Minnesota’s restrictive laws have caused issues. Its medical marijuana program had low enrollment up until late 2016, when pain patients began to join in large numbers after rules were loosened to meet their needs. Now, demand is growing.

Marijuana businesses have also faced challenges in this tough regulatory environment.

A report from the Twin Cities Pioneer Press in May 2017 indicated that both of the state’s two licensed marijuana providers booked substantial two-year losses totaling $11 million. Commentators point to strict state laws that have significantly impacted revenue for the businesses.

Something must change – and a new generation of cannabis entrepreneurs can be part of it.


Minnesota Needs True Cannabis Expertise for Its Next-Generation Growers

Licensing and Planning – MinnesotaAs of right now, no processes are in place to augment marijuana manufacturing output in Minnesota. However, demand is spiking with the increased needs of chronic pain patients. A new way of doing business is required in Minnesota, and American Cannabis Company can help.

Through our years of experience with the cannabis industry all over the United States, our team of experts can equip you to leverage new opportunities in Minnesota as they emerge. Our unique insight in marijuana policy allows us to position your enterprise even in a time of uncertainty.

Thousands of new patients are on doctors’ lists in Minnesota, with recorded visits to Cannabis Patient Centers rising by nearly 2,000 between April and September 2017. Harsh rules that disallow smoking marijuana in favor of liquid, pills and vapor will very likely be the next to go.

If you want your company to open the next Minnesota dispensary, get expert advice from the leaders in cannabis consulting. American Cannabis Company will review your situation and lay out a plan for you to achieve success in Minnesota or wherever you wish to operate.

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