Dispensary Permits in North Dakota

Opening a Dispensary in North Dakota

North Dakota is gearing up for the introduction of medical marijuana dispensaries across the state. However, the process to get involved has remained fairly complicated and vague as the state government has laid out relatively little information about how they will approve applicants and proposals.

Here’s what we do know:

How to Open a Dispensary in North Dakota

Under the current North Dakota rules, not just anyone can open a dispensary. Unlike other states, North Dakota has set very strict limits for how many dispensaries they will allow and which parts of the state will allow them.

Currently, the state is accepting applications from anyone interested in opening a dispensary along with a $5,000 non-refundable deposit on your business proposal. The state is really emphasizing the fact that they want complete business proposals with all of the details to make their decisions.

If your application is accepted, you can expect to fork over a $90,000 licensing fee for two years of operation in the state. Breaking into the marijuana industry in North Dakota is going to take a pretty hefty investment on your part before you even get started.

Right now, state officials say that they will begin reviewing applications and notifying applicants of their status between now and the end of the year. The hope is to get all of the licensing and preparation done in time for a spring 2018 launch.

About the North Dakota Dispensary Application

The biggest problem that new dispensaries face in North Dakota is the fact that the application process and the new regulations are still very unclear. The need for North Dakota cannabis consulting is on the rise as applicants try to find their way through the difficulties of legal hurdles.

Anyone hoping to qualify for a dispensary license in North Dakota should be working closely with a consultant familiar with the process like American Cannabis Company. As we’ve helped create success stories in other parts of the country, we can provide you with expert guidance on how the best dispensaries operate and what kind of business proposal you should be using to get through the application process. The more complete your plan, the greater your chances of making it through to the next round of implementation in North Dakota.

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