Licensing and Planning – West Virginia

In April 2017, West Virginia became the 29th state in the United States to pass a medical marijuana law, signed into law by Governor Jim Justice. Senate Bill 386 established the regulatory mechanisms to begin issuing medical marijuana cards in the state in July 2017.

It was widely reported that West Virginia’s first cannabis store opened in August in the town of Cross Lanes. As in many other states, patients suffering from a variety of conditions – like AIDS, cancer and chronic pain – may qualify to access treatment.

West Virginia Offers Amazing Opportunities for Cannabis Investment

With 1.83 million residents, West Virginia stands to become another hot market for licensed marijuana dispensaries. Millions of dollars in revenue are at stake, and there are not enough dispensary permits throughout the state to meet projected growth in demand.

Although the state permits only medical cannabis use, businesses that begin to prepare now will be well-positioned for changes in West Virginia cannabis laws.
However, experienced cannabis consulting will be essential for those wondering how to get a medical marijuana dispensary license in West Virginia.

West Virginia marijuana laws are strict compared to many other states that have implemented medical marijuana. For example, doctors with a West Virginia medical license must have treated a patient for at least six months before certifying their fitness to use medical marijuana.

Obtaining a West Virginia dispensary permit is well worth it, but it’s no task for the unprepared. A permit – limited to just 30 by initial state rulings – requires the entrepreneur to meet strict reporting requirements and invest a total of $12,500 in fees.

Preparation is essential for a fast, efficient process that gets businesses ready for ROI.

West Virginia Cannabis Consulting is the Key to This Lucrative Market

Business leaders around the United States are waiting eagerly for West Virginia’s release of the official dispensary permits in 2018. Although not all details are known, now is the time to develop the infrastructure needed to respond to this outstanding opportunity.

Marijuana laws in West Virginia are bound to take many cues from existing laws. American Cannabis Consulting is the team that has helped enterprises throughout the country secure their dispensary licenses and launch their businesses to regulatory approval and public acclaim.

American Cannabis Consulting has experience working with medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational retail businesses. We help our clients adapt effectively to the unique conditions of each market because no other brand has our breadth and depth of experience.

Getting a dispensary permit in West Virginia is complex, but we can help you simplify and streamline the process. Our experts will work with you every step of the way. To learn more, simply contact us.