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Podcast Development

With our On-Demand culture, mainstream radio is being surpassed by the accessibility of Podcast Shows. Nearly 50% of all US homes are now Podcast users. American Cannabis Company makes it simple for you to finally harness the power of Podcasts, so you can expand the reach to your targeted audience.

Website Development

Determining your company’s identity is the most critical element in connecting with an audience visually. We have a team that will work concurrently with yours to establish a memorable impression, for those who visit your website. Today it is also essential to have a site that is operable on any device, which is why our company develops responsive websites that look great on any browser, device or screen size.

Local Search

It is no longer necessary to look at a paper map, or endlessly flip through a phone book to find a business. Thankfully, now the job can be done in a fraction of a second by conducting a simple Google search. This is why developing a robust online presence is essential for winning the visibility game and outranking your competitors. ACC will develop your digital footprint by building consistent and quality listings for your business, so you can be found anywhere prospects are looking for a cannabis company on the Web.


Search engines such as Google have made it incredibly difficult for the Cannabis industry to use ads, thus making SEO critical to gaining visibility on the internet. The good news it, a customized search engine optimization campaign can position your brand to appear directly in front of the motivated buyers that are looking for your products online. Our SEO experts will inspect your website to ensure it’s setup properly to rank organically, then do a competitive analysis and recommend a tailored marketing strategy moving forward.

Reputation Management

Without accountability, brands can no longer publicize their products and/or services as the “best”. Consumers do not just trust what a business says about itself anymore, thanks to the rise and popularity of online reviews. With that in mind, American Cannabis Company is determined to help you create a customized review management campaign to bolster your reputation on the internet. Are you making a good digital first impression to potential clients?

Photography / Videography

Creating a photoshoot, or video of your products and staff can positively impact your image. American Cannabis Company can help you showcase the values and culture of your brand, so you don’t get lost in the sea of new companies that are jumping into this explosive vertical.

Social Media

Social media is booming by the minute… That said, a robust social media campaign is more important than ever before. Your company’s products and services need to be posted daily, but most businesses don’t have the time or knowhow to do so. Fortunately, ACC ensures that quality content is posted on your social media accounts daily and optimizes customer searches as well.

Graphic Design

At American Cannabis Company, the best illustrative tools are used for maintaining freshness of your brand. As such, we engage our clients in developing a persuasive image using graphic design. We have a team of experienced designers that will help attract consumers eyes to your business, so they don’t go looking somewhere else.


Paid ads for cannabis companies are nearly impossible at the moment. Until that changes, we recommend leveraging our expertise and avoiding costly penalties by search engines like Google.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing is great, but marketing automation takes this approach to the next level. MA & Analytics has enabled our clients to track their web traffic, how visitors navigated their site, time spent on webpages, and even how they found them online. Once setup, this service can be a game-changer.

Targeted Social Media ADS​

Our company can target any demographic that correlates with the profile of your customers. ACC’s targeted ads appear the same as natural posts from trusted family members and friends, strategically placed in their social media feed. We deliver results, backed with solid metrics and data, at a cost that is very competitive.

App Development​

At American Cannabis Company, we develop modern apps that can showcase your brand on Android & iOS. Combining agile development practices and cutting-edge open source technologies, we scale with the needs of our clients. As a publicly traded company, we bring years of cumulative technology experience and proficiency in accelerating cloud application development.

Print Media

You only have one chance to make a first impression; that’s why your business cards and brochures are like a firm handshake. Why not leave them impressed with unforgettable graphics? In an increasingly digital age, there is still no replacement for face to face contact. The purpose of physical media is to leave a stunning imprint of your brand on their minds. Whether it be business cards, brochures or any type of physical branding; ACC delivers quality of which any business can be proud.