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Beginning with the founder’s vertically integrated medical cannabis dispensary in Boulder, Colorado they began to use lean manufacturing principals to optimize commercial scale cannabis production. The hybrid of agricultural and manufacturing processes presented numerous challenges and opportunities. Labor and space utilization became immediate areas of focus. ACC has focused on adopting best principals and technologies from existing industry sectors while developing proprietary solutions where gaps existed. ACC remains solution agnostic and performs continuous research on new product market entries. Client product quality is the foundation of the ACC methodology.

Each component of the workflow has been refined to reduce labor, risk and drive quality. The facilities are designed with optimal process based workflow, state-of-the-art site and bio-security and conversion of all useable space into revenue producing area. Another key consideration is sustainability and long-term operational cost and revenue recapture investment opportunities. The results of these efforts are what we term the ACC High Density Cultivation Methodology. With a focus on product quality and drive towards efficiencies and sustainability ACC is designing and building the next generation of state-of-the art Cannabis facilities.

ACC is redefining society’s relationship with cannabis through responsible stewardship.

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Facility Build-out Oversight Consulting

We offer facility build-out oversight consulting as part of our Cannabis Business Planning service offerings. We help clients ensure their project timeline is being met, facilities are being designed with compliance and the regulated cannabis industry in mind, and that facilities are built to the highest of quality standards for cannabis production and/or distribution. This enables a seamless transition from construction to cultivation, ensuring that client success is optimized and unencumbered by mismanaged construction projects.

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ACC is redefining society’s relationship with cannabis through responsible stewardship.

American Cannabis Company has turned out to be the experts we were looking for! We did our research well, and wanted not only an expert in system deployment, but experts in quality and yield production. We have made large capital investments, and now have the confidence that our systems, production facility and quality controls are in place for maximizing profits.

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