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Strategic Planning & Inter-Company Communications (Required)

Consultant to provide a template for a financial pro-forma model for a regulated cannabis business to be utilized by the Client for the purpose of forecasting and estimating start-up costs, revenues, ROI’s, etc. The actual creation of the financial pro-forma model will be the responsibility of the Client. The Consultant will only provide a template.

Financial Pro-Forma Model

Consultant will develop a financial pro-forma model based on numbers, figures and statistics from developed and operating legal cannabis markets. The financial pro-forma model will estimate patient adoption rates, patient demand, potential production, revenue figures and other information commonly associated with a financial pro-forma model. Consultant will deliver a base case model with assumptions geared for the application submission. Further high/low variations of the model for capital raise efforts and other activities will be the responsibility of the Client.

Financial Pro-Forma Model Template

Consultant to provide state regulatory review and general industry and project consulting prior to initiating the financial pro-forma model and business plan. Based on current State regulations and industry best practices, Consultant will provide recommendations for Client’s business formation, business operations, potential site location, size, production capabilities and will discuss other project goals and deliverables. This deliverable also serves as a means to capture inter-company communications as the project is being initiated.

Cultivation Facility Conceptual Design​

Consultant will provide expertise in designing cultivation facility that aligns with the Client’s business model and cultivation strategy, resulting in a concept floor plan suitable for project planning

Dispensary Conceptual Design​

Consultant will provide space planning and design expertise, with recommendations about Client’s desired retail experience and back-of-house workflow, resulting in a custom concept floor plan suitable for project planning.

Extraction Facility Conceptual Design

Consultant to provide expertise in designing the facility layout, architectural requirements, federal or local safety and regulatory building requirements (NFPA, OSHA, etc), and equipment locations.