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Cannabis Operations Job Descriptions 

Our cannabis specific job descriptions document details the most essential C-Suite, management and employee positions associated with licensed medical and adult use cannabis businesses including all key cultivation, manufacturing and retail roles and responsibilities. Each description will outline the specific responsibilities of each role in addition to key qualifications and training that high-level positions will require. 

Community Engagement Plan 

The Community Engagement Plan details the various aspects of working within your local community and your company’s plan for addressing key factors associated with the legal cannabis industry such as social equity, community outreach, consumer education and substance abuse, among others, and how your company will make a positive impact through potential job fairs, donations and employee volunteering. 

Environmental Impact Reduction Plans (Cultivation, Manufacturing and Retail) 

With separate versions for cultivation/manufacturing and retail operations, the Environmental Impact Reduction Plans will address the planning and implementation of key elements for environmental impact reduction with a focus on lowering the proposed facility’s carbon footprint in the city including but not limited to equipment, LED lighting, water treatment, alternative energy and packaging etc. 

Cultivation Operations Management Plan (Indoor and Greenhouse) 

This comprehensive guide outlines in specific detail, the key aspects of the daily operations management within both indoor and greenhouse cannabis cultivation facilities, in full compliance with state regulations, essential for producing consistently high yields of safe, premier-quality cannabis flower intended for large scale distribution including propagation procedures, Integrated Pest Management, perpetual harvest schedules, waste disposal, post-cultivation processing procedures etc. 

Diversity Plan

As social equity and calls for diversity among the cannabis industry become a driving force within each new market, our document provides the foundation for which to build your business and ensure that your company culture is defined by its devotion to building and nurturing a diverse and inclusive working environment, committed to equal opportunity employment. 

Dry/Wet Harvest Guide 

The harvesting process will prove imperative for staying on schedule and effectively maximizing your facility’s production output each year. Our detailed Harvest Guide outlines the key positions, preparation and procedures needed for properly executing quick harvest times, minimizing labor costs and prepping for the next round of incoming plants for each room. 

Labor and Employment Practices Plan 

Whether needed for applications and licensing in newly regulated markets or for simply implementing protocols for employee hiring, establishing a code of conduct or outlining employee training programs, the Labor and Employment Practices Plan will be key for helping your team to define company protocols and create a company culture through strategic management and operating procedures. (Labor Peace Agreement not included) 

Recall, Quarantine and Destruction Plan 

One of the most important aspects of compliance in the cannabis industry is cannabis waste management and coordinating procedures for managing adversely affected products and the resulting product recalls that will occur. This document will provide key protocols and procedures for recall practices, inventory management and destruction of waste etc., that are vital for ensuring consumer health and safety and mitigating compliance issues that may occur. 

Retail Employee Training and Education Plan 

As the foundation of your retail operations, your dispensary employees need to be thoroughly and properly trained in all aspects of retail sales, inventory management and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive Employee Training and Education Plan outlines specific training plans for each staff member that includes, establishing your company vision, introducing security/safety procedures, reviewing the fundamentals of inventory management and tracking in addition to detailing product education.  

Retail Operating Plan 

Whether serving as the foundation of your company’s retail operations or detailing the key aspects of your business within the application narratives, our comprehensive Retail Operating Plan will prove essential for establishing and maintaining long-term compliance and profitability in the cannabis industry. In addition to defining key roles and responsibilities for each member of the retail team, the document will specifically outline the hiring process, day-to-day operations and workflow, front and back of the house operations, daily management and opening and closing procedures etc. 

Transporter Security and Recordkeeping Plan 

Our detailed Security and Recordkeeping Plan will be one of the most essential documents needed for establishing your cannabis transportation/distribution business in a regulated markets. Whether your plan to establish a third-party transport service or simply need to move your own products from the grow to the dispensaries, our Transport Security and Recordkeeping Plan will provide you and your team all the necessary protocols for preventing theft and diversion, record keeping procedures, transport procedures and inventory control measures etc. 

Social Equity, Engagement and Hiring Plan 

As each new market emerges and the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the importance and inclusion of Social Equity licensing and programs within each new market. We have developed a brief document that will identify and provide information for working with the surrounding community in which you operate your business as well as initiatives for providing jobs and specific opportunities for those most adversely affected by the war on drugs. 

Transport Operations Plan 

Whether establishing a third-party transportation/distribution provider or safely transferring your own company product, our Transport Operations Plan will provide you and your team with necessary narrative required for cannabis licensing and fully compliant operations within your market. This document will include essential information for the transport vehicle information, day-to-day operations protocols and procedures, theft and diversion monitoring and prevention as well as the hiring plan for new employees. 

Executive Summaries (Short and Long)

While long, highly detailed Business Plans are great for investor meetings and even cannabis applications, our state-specific Executive Summaries will provide you the vital information needed to quickly present the key aspects within your intended market as well as the highlights from your own comprehensive business model needed for obtaining capital investments and/or additional personnel for your company. 

Standard Operating Procedures (Cultivation, Extraction and Retail)

Our comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) templates will ensure that you and your newly licensed cannabis business have the necessary protocols and procedures required for establishing and maintaining successful, fully-compliant cannabis operations within the regulated market while outlining the various key aspects of employee education and training, theft and diversion, waste management and destruction, packaging as well as day-to-day operations etc. within each of your facilities. 

Cultivation Templates $4,500.00

  • Indoor Cultivation Plan
  • Cultivation Environmental Reduction Plan
  • Dry Harvest Guide
  • Recall, Quarantine and Destruction Plan
  • Cannabis Operations Job Descriptions
  • Community Engagement Plan
  • Diversity Plan
  • Labor and Employment Practices Plan
  • Social Equity Plan
  • Executive Summary

Retail Templates – Package Price: $3,500.00

  • Retail Operating Plan
  • Retail Environmental Reduction Plan
  • Retail Employee Training and Education Plan
  • Recall, Quarantine and Destruction Plan
  • Cannabis Operations Job Descriptions
  • Community Engagement Plan
  • Diversity Plan
  • Labor and Employment Practices Plan
  • Social Equity Plan
  • Executive Summary

Transportation Templates – Package Price: $2,500.00

  • Transport Operations Plan
  • Security and Recordkeeping Plan
  • Cannabis Operations Job Descriptions
  • Community Engagement Plan
  • Diversity Plan
  • Labor and Employment Practices Plan
  • Social Equity Plan
  • Executive Summary