Corey Hollister - Chief Executive Officer


“Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation.” – Corey Hollister

Corey Hollister is Co-Founder and CEO of American Cannabis Company, Inc. (ACC) OTCQB: AMMJ based in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Hollister co-founded ACC to meet the needs of the rapidly developing cannabis industry, delivering end-to-end solutions for clients and customers in both the medical and recreational use sectors.  Before founding ACC Mr. Hollister was also a co-owner of a Boulder, CO based Medical Marijuana Center. Prior to moving to Colorado, Mr. Hollister lived in Boston, MA where he spent 10 years in Marketing and Advertising working with major brands such as Puma, DHL, Stride Rite, Thompson Learning and many others. During this period Mr. Hollister held such roles as President, VP of Client Services, Senior Account Manager, Director of Events and Field Marketing Manager. Throughout his career Mr. Hollister has combined the ability to understand a client’s challenges with the know-how to develop and implement successful solutions.

Ellis Smith - Chief Development Officer


“An effective, poignant, inspiring quote.” – Ellis Smith

Mr. Smith has 15 years of horticultural experience, 8 years owning/operating businesses, and 2 years of international business in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. Working in the specialty cut flower market and running indoor gardens at an early age helped him understand complex growing systems and production protocols while developing his master gardening skills. Accomplishments include identifying the Hemp Russet Mite and working with SKUNK magazine to educate the industry. Additional articles in SKUNK magazine discussed working with True Living Organics (TLO) in an industrial manufacturing setting.

Consistently producing at or above 1 gram per watt (medicinal grade marijuana) in any setting or medium is the standard Mr. Smith sets for American Cannabis Consulting clients. The path Mr. Smith has led to this point in his business career has prepared him to play an integral role in seeing both individuals to success and also to help the emerging cannabis industry to prosper.

Tripp Keber - Chief Executive Officer, Dixie Brands


As one of two original founders of the Dixie Elixirs and Edibles company, Colorado’s premiere licensed marijuana infused products manufacturer (MIPS), Tripp Keber now serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Dixie Brands, Inc. Widely hailed as one of this nascent industry’s indispensable leaders, when Tripp isn’t thinking about the future vision of Dixie and the industry, he is supporting the efforts of the National Cannabis Industry Association, where he is a founding member and current Board Director. Additionally since 2013, he has served as a Board Member of both the Marijuana Policy Project and The Council for Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR), as well as an Advisory Board member of the Medical Marijuana Industry Group in Colorado.

In his current role as CEO of Dixie Brands, Inc., Tripp gets to work on the really “fun” stuff and is responsible for the overall strategy, licensing, marketing, branding, and expansion efforts related to the Dixie brand both domestically and internationally. Prior to building Dixie into a cannabis leader, Tripp served as Chief Operating Officer for Bella Terra Resort Development Company, and EVP of Business Development for Sagebrush Realty Development. He has a BS in Political Science from Villanova University and currently resides in both Aspen and Denver, CO with his family. He is involved in several charitable organizations located within his community, but his greatest philanthropic passion is assisting in the research and development of cannabis support for veterans suffering from PTSD.

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American Cannabis Company has turned out to be the experts we were looking for! We did our research well, and wanted not only an expert in system deployment, but experts in quality and yield production. We have made large capital investments, and now have the confidence that our systems, production facility and quality controls are in place for maximizing profits.

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