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Based in Denver, Colorado American Cannabis Company Inc. was founded to meet the needs of the rapidly developing regulated cannabis industry. We provide end-to-end consulting and product solutions for the medical, adult use and low-THC regulated cannabis markets both nationally and internationally.

Our cannabis industry specific advisory and consulting services are built to meet the needs of companies entering or currently operating in the regulated cannabis markets. Deeply experienced in the regulated markets, our services span over all phases of operations. From licensing and construction to cultivation, processing and dispensing, we have you covered.

American Cannabis Company has also developed a portfolio of branded products including: The Satchel™, SoHum Living Soils™, Cultivation Cube™ and High Density Cultivation System™.

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Corey Hollister and Ellis Smith began their cannabis careers in Boulder, Colorado. They are former co-owners of a vertically integrated cannabis business that commercialized a niche cultivation methodology known as “True Living Organics” (TLO) on a regulated commercial scale for the production of medicinal cannabis. This dedication to a medicinally focused cultivation approach earned them national recognition from Skunk Magazine in 2010.

The founders have been invited speakers at multiple national events, provided their expert opinion to state and federal bodies and have been contributors to numerous media publications and outlets.


Having experience as former owners and operators of a regulated cannabis business, the foundation was set for American Cannabis Consulting (now American Cannabis Company Inc.) as well as for the development and design of an industry tailored product suite. Through a culmination of efforts, ACC established the Geoponics Methodology of cultivation which promotes genetic optimization of the cannabis plant.

ACC has now assisted clients in winning over 13 cannabis licenses in eight states, demonstrating its deep understanding of the sector and how to comply with state regulations.  The company has designed over a half million square feet of industry facilities and completed state-of-the-art indoor and greenhouse build-outs in multiple states. In addition to the United States, ACC is active internationally in both its cannabis consulting and product divisions. The company has assisted two companies with securing operational approvals from Health Canada. ACC has established its proven ability to provide services for every stage of a cannabis business, encompassing:








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ACC is redefining society’s relationship with cannabis through responsible stewardship.

American Cannabis Company has turned out to be the experts we were looking for! We did our research well, and wanted not only an expert in system deployment, but experts in quality and yield production. We have made large capital investments, and now have the confidence that our systems, production facility and quality controls are in place for maximizing profits.

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