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ACC Brand Licensing

Join ACC in our expansion as a premiere national cannabis brand. License the ACC brand today.

Acquisitions & Equity Partnerships

Looking to sell your business or partner with an industry leading brand? We can help.

Operational Management Services

We provide on-site and remote management services for cannabis retail, cultivation, and processing businesses.

Cannabis Consulting Services

Our a la carte service-based solutions can be tailored to your start-up project or existing operation.

Hemp Consulting Services

Our suite of commercial hemp consulting services provides end-to-end solutions for your business.

The American Cannabis Company (ACC) has years of experience in all facets of the cannabis industry. Our broad and varied knowledge base makes us uniquely suited to help your business grow and thrive in this rapidly evolving industry. Our flexible approach is focused on doing what’s best for your specific goals, for which we will provide customized solutions to effectively establish a framework for every aspect of your company’s operations.

Here at ACC, we strive offer a robust package of services in order to best address all of your company’s specific needs. Whether you are a new startup in the pre-licensing phase, a newly licensed operator, an established business looking to expand, or simply an experienced cultivator looking to enter the industry, ACC can help you and your team manage every facet of your business essential for streamlining operations, reducing costs, improving your margins and establishing profitable, long-term growth strategies.

Medical Cannabis

Currently, 36 states and 4 territories have established regulated medical cannabis programs throughout the country, and this figure continues to rise each year. As each state launches new medical cannabis programs, one must fully prepare for the variety of legal hurdles that you will have to navigate while entering and operating in each newly regulated market. Each state has enacted its own set of laws governing and regulating their program, and often the policies can be quite extensive and complex. It is absolutely crucial that you utilize expert guidance when setting up your new medical cannabis business to ensure it is properly positioned for success.

ACC has assisted numerous businesses across the country to build successful medical cannabis operations from the ground up, specifically the pre-licensing process, and ensure you have addressed all application requirements while maintaining full compliance with all local and state regulations. Our team thoroughly understands what is required during the startup process to ensure you position your business to scale and adapt to the evolving medical cannabis landscape in your state.

ACC Brand Licensing

Building your own retail cannabis business from scratch can be extremely challenging as you compete against a saturated landscape with well-established brands in each regulated market. As a result, it is often difficult for new startup businesses to gain traction in their local market. By partnering with the ACC as a licensee, you will be able to leverage our wide range of expertise, resources and brand recognition to grow your new business.

At ACC, we are setting the new standard for cannabis retail operations and elevating the customer experience for which we have designed a scalable retail dispensary model that can be implemented in any market across the country. You will also benefit from the brand recognition that lends your new business instant credibility.

We are actively seeking qualified partners throughout the country to license the American Cannabis Company brand for retail operations, commercial cultivation and manufacturing operations. Find out more about our ACC brand licensing opportunities.

Acquisitions and Equity Partnerships

As we grow our brand and expand our reach into the retail segment of the cannabis industry, ACC is actively establishing investments in the industry through business acquisitions and taking strategic equity positions in newly licensed medical and recreational cannabis operations. Through calculated expansion, ACC is rapidly gaining a reputation throughout the country as the premier cannabis retail brand by providing an unparalleled experience to your customers through quality products, cannabis edutainment and industry-leading services.

If you are interested in selling a portion or all of your licensed cannabis business, we would love to speak with you. American Cannabis Company is exploring equity partnerships and acquisition opportunities in all areas where cannabis is legal at the medical or recreational level. Find out more about our acquisition and equity partnership opportunities.

Operational Management Services

Owning a cannabis business is unique from just about any other venture you may have been part of in the past. Between the need to comply with government regulations and the unique idiosyncrasies associated with the cannabis industry, you will find that managing your operations is fraught with a variety of challenges. ACC can effectively help you refine your operations to create a more successful business model.

The ACC team includes individuals with expertise and specific skill sets associated with every aspect of the cannabis industry that allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to improving your business. Our industry-specific knowledge enables us to quickly assess the state of your business in order to provide the management and oversight assistance necessary to take your business to the next level. Find out more about the operational management services we offer.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Managing the financials of your business requires a specialized skill set. As your business continues to grow over time, it is crucial that you work with cannabis specific accounting and bookkeeping professionals who are equipped to handle each vital task properly to ensure you do not face potential penalties and tax liabilities in the event of an audit.  

ACC provides accounting and bookkeeping services specially tailored to the needs of cannabis businesses. We understand the unique tax issues associated with the cannabis industry, and we will make sure your tax documents are properly prepared, eliminating the risk of overpayment. In order to address the unique needs of each business type, we offer a variety of cannabis accounting and bookkeeping service options. Learn more about the various packages available.

Cannabis Consulting Services

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving. Working with a team of experienced industry consultants will help you to more effectively navigate the changes to laws and regulations in order to position your business for ongoing success.

We offer a wide range of a la carte consulting services to address the specific needs of your business.

Our team regularly assists recreational and medical cannabis businesses with:

·         Strategic planning

·         Financial pro forma modeling

·         Business plan

·         Conceptual design

·         Application services

·         Pre-application staffing

·         Template documents

·         Architectural schematic design, permitting and construction

·         Equipment identification and sourcing

·         Operational deployment

·         Operational monitoring

·         Branding and marketing

Learn more about our consulting services, and find out how we can help your cannabis business thrive.

Hemp Consulting Services

ACC also provides a wide range of a la carte consulting services specifically geared towards businesses operating in the regulated commercial hemp industry.

Our team can assist you with:

·         Operational planning

·         Farm design

·         Application services

·         Equipment identification and sourcing

·         Custom farm services

·         Operational deployment

·         Genetics sourcing and distribution of seeds and clones

·         SoHum Liquid Solutions™ fertility program

·         Hemp and CBD brokerage

Learn more about our hemp consulting services, and find out how ACC can help your hemp business grow.

Elevating Your Business

ACC possesses the important knowledge and expertise necessary to help you improve the performance of your cannabis business. We share your passion for cannabis, and we have years of experience helping businesses navigate the unique challenges associated with this industry.

We have refined our services and our consulting process to better meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

The cannabis industry is highly complex and the most successful businesses in the field rarely do it alone. By leveraging our expertise and the comprehensive services that we offer, your business will reach new heights while establishing company as an industry leader.

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