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ACC Brand Licensing

Join ACC in our expansion as a premiere national cannabis brand. License the ACC brand today.

Acquisitions & Equity Partnerships

Looking to sell your business or partner with an industry leading brand? We can help.

Operational Management Services

We provide on-site and remote management services for cannabis retail, cultivation, and processing businesses.

Cannabis Consulting Services

Our a la carte service-based solutions can be tailored to your start-up project or existing operation.

Hemp Consulting Services

Our suite of commercial hemp consulting services provides end-to-end solutions for your business.

Navigating the Industry

The regulated cannabis industry has not only many common business hurdles but also those that are unique to the space that are unlike those of any business sector. American Cannabis Company Inc. guides you through these challenges to establish a successful, sustainable business.

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Regulatory Compliance

Based on our thorough understanding of regulated markets we help our client’s cultivation, retail and/or infused-product businesses meet and maintain regulatory compliance. We work with our clients to establish standard operating procedures in accordance with their state’s regulations and implement effective staff hiring with training practices to ensure that employees adhere to relevant guidelines.

For existing operators we provide compliance auditing. The regulated cannabis industry is developing rapidly with evolving laws and regulations. Navigating through current and new regulations can be tedious and leaves you at risk. To assist our clients in addressing these challenges, we offer compliance monitoring and audits performed by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Our team members maintain a comprehensive oversight of the cannabis industry while staying up-to-date on current and new law and regulations. Our compliance audits assess various regulatory topics, including:

  • Licensing Renewal Requirements
  • Visitor Intake Procedures
  • Seed-to-Sale Inventory Tracking
  • Waste Disposal Procedures
  • Transportation Procedures
  • Record Keeping and Documentation Requirements
  • Packaging and Labeling Requirements
  • Security Requirements
  • Product Storage
  • Mandatory Signage

Cannabis Consulting Solutions

The majority of states comprised within the United States now contain at least some form of medical or adult use cannabis law. As state markets mature, client needs shift. Priorities in this new and emerging industry are quickly transitioning to traditional business challenges such as operational efficiency, quality assurance, regulatory compliance and market penetration. In addition, operators still face the ongoing unique challenges in the medical and/or adult use cannabis markets such as 280E and barriers to banking. American Cannabis Company provides a purpose-built mix of cannabis consulting and ancillary products to meet your ongoing and future needs. When it’s time to level up, we provide the catalyst.

ACC Brand Licensing

Design & Buildout

Industry Equipment Sourcing & Fulfillment

Branding & Marketing


Application Services

Equipment Fulfillment​

As a component of our cannabis consulting services, we operate an equipment and supplies division for our customers in the industry. Our experience in establishing operations in multiple states has provided us the advantages we need to advance the market for your canna-business rapidly. We source best-in-class industry products and create proprietary, purpose-built solutions where a need exists.

The Right Product Mix

With the rapid development of innovation in the regulated cannabis markets, integrating the right products at the right time is critical to success. We help you navigate these waters to determine which product opportunities are ready for adoption, which can be delayed and which should be postponed for future consideration. A large part of our success is the continuous research and testing we perform on new products.

Best-in-class Industry Products

We offer our customers a diverse array of commonly utilized cultivation equipment from all areas of the regulated cannabis industry. We procure only the best growing supplies and dispensary equipment, including:

  • HID ballasts
  • Reflectors
  • MH and HPS bulbs
  • T5 fixtures
  • Grow medium
  • Nutrients
  • Fertilizers
  • Growing containers
  • Flood tables
  • Reservoirs

Group Purchasing for Supplies

We understand that starting a new business is an expensive feat. That’s is why we offer a Group Purchasing Option (“GPO”) that enables member customers to procure commonly used, disposable supplies (including cleaning products and office supplies) at low prices. By utilizing our GPO, you can save money throughout various stages of the business development cycle.

With the right product solutions, you can reduce labor and risk while improving quality and consistency. American Cannabis Company has the product solution that suits the goals you’ve set for your company’s expansion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a cannabis industry expert.
ACC is redefining society’s relationship with cannabis through responsible stewardship.

Launch Your Idea Today

Bringing Efforts to Fruition

Be Compliant

Establish compliant cannabis business practices and maintain good standing throughout operations.

Optimize your Facilities

Implement the right operational methodology and quality management systems to continually drive your business forward.

Establish Patient and/or Consumer Awareness

Cannabis is an exciting space but also an increasingly crowded space. ACC can help you break through the clutter and achieve brand awareness.

Find your Competitive Advantage

Price, quality or convenience; define your competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd.

Expand your Operations

Put your business in position to convert growth opportunities.

Select the Right Partners

Success in the regulated cannabis markets takes a small army, ACC ensures you have the right partners on your side.