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We don’t have to tell you that the medical cannabis business in the United States is tough. It’s intensely competitive, and many legal details have yet to be settled on the books or in court. In order to thrive in such a chaotic business environment, where new companies – both potential competitors and partners – appear and disappear daily, where local, state and federal regulations change with the political winds, and where customers have more choices than you can count, you need to stand out in a crowded field.

Experience Matters

That’s where American Cannabis Company’s marijuana consulting services come in. We’re located near the heart of Denver, CO, the epicenter of legal recreational cannabis in the United States and one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana back in 2000. We’ve been around since long before the legalization of recreational cannabis, when only medical cannabis was legal here. In that time, we’ve experienced firsthand how immensely the business and regulatory environments surrounding legal cannabis have changed.

We continue to focus on medical cannabis consulting to this day, and are deeply experienced in the subject. For instance, our founders pioneered a cultivation method for medical cannabis plants True Living Organics (TLO) for the first time at a commercial scale in the regulated market.

Helping You Understand Your Business and Customers

Medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries operate under totally different sets of regulations, and they each have their own target demographics. We understand that successfully navigating regulations while serving the needs of customers and patients is no easy feat.

And since cannabis is a biological product, yields, potency, and desirability to customers can vary from strain to strain and from grower to grower. Put simply, there are countless factors that you have to stay on top of in order to thrive in this industry. We know that well, because we’ve been through it more than once.

If you’re in the medical cannabis business, odds are that you could benefit from our MMJ consulting services. Our office at 5690 Logan St, Suite A. is readily accessible by car or public transit from downtown Denver. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with us – we see a lot of clients so we are unable to accommodate walk-ins – so that we can work together to make your business more successful and efficient.

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