Dispensary Permits in California

Open a Dispensary in California

This is a boom time for California’s cannabis industry. The most populous state in the Union is the world’s largest market for legal cannabis, and the state’s government is eager to encourage an industry that’s projected to exceed $7 billion in value.

Put simply, this industry is still in its infancy and those businesses that establish themselves early will be best positioned to be its leaders for the foreseeable future.

The State of Cannabis Licensing in California

While both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are allowed under California law, the legal details have yet to be hammered out. California’s legislators and government employees have a deadline to develop a functional and effective licensing and registration system for cannabis-related businesses by January 1st, 2018.

In the meantime, California’s licensing system will continue to evolve piecemeal, and the government’s idea of what the finished system will look like is bound to change considerably over the course of 2017. American Cannabis Company Inc., have witnessed firsthand the development of California’s regulatory systems and, as of 2016, have been actively consulting with Cannabis businesses & Clients in the state.

Getting Started in California’s Cannabis Industry

A lot of time, paperwork, and money must be put down in order to get started with dispensary permits in California. Before a brick-and-mortar cannabis store or growing operation can begin, licenses must be applied for, pre-licensing dispensary design plans need to be submitted to the state government and financial services should be arranged (because traditional banking services are still difficult for cannabis businesses to secure).

Cannabis Cultivation Licensing in California

Before they plant their first seeds, growers will need to apply for the appropriate commercial grower’s license. California has four different types of cultivation licenses that depend on the size and lighting of the farm.

The first three types of license are tiered licenses for grow sizes up to 5,000 sq. ft. (License 1), between 5,001 and 10,000 (License 2), and those between 10,001 sq. ft. and a full acre (License 3). License 4 is specific to nurseries; it covers growers who intend to produce clones for sale to other growers, but not to flower the plants themselves or to finish the plants.

American Cannabis Company, Inc.

Wherever there’s a new, quickly-growing industry, there are fortunes to be made – at least that is what many people think. However, fortunes are just as easily spent and lost – competition in California’s marijuana market is fierce and every business in the state is looking for an edge over their competitors. American Cannabis Company, Inc. sees it every day. We’ve helped clients succeed in 13 states, including California, and we want to help as many entrepreneurs succeed as we can. Please contact us for more information and to learn how we can help your business.