Dispensary Permits in Michigan

Open a Dispensary in Michigan

Licensing and Planning – MichiganThe medicinal cannabis industry is still very young in Michigan. Governor Rick Snyder signed the laws establishing a state licensing and taxation framework to grow, process, transport, sell and test cannabis in the fall of 2016. For enterprising individuals, the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Michigan is a unique opportunity to enter a new and already burgeoning market.

Although a full fiscal year hasn’t yet passed since then, the medicinal cannabis industry is already off to a strong start in Michigan. By the end of 2016, there were already nearly a quarter million qualified medical marijuana patients in Michigan receiving medication from approximately 37,000 licensed distributors.

Marijuana Licensing in Michigan

Recreational cannabis passed on November 7th, 2018, and the list of conditions for which cannabis can legally be used as a medicine is still fairly short, not unlike the situation in nearby Illinois. This inherently limits the market for potential consumers, i.e., a marijuana license in Michigan is limited to people suffering from those conditions.

However, medical marijuana laws evolve quickly, and it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that more and more conditions will be eligible for medical marijuana licenses in the future

Getting a Dispensary License in Michigan

As the number of people with Michigan pot licenses grows, there will be more and more room for thriving dispensaries, growers, and other supporting businesses. In such a young and booming market, establishing your business and reputation is crucial. Getting all of your ducks in a row quickly in order to avoid regulatory and bureaucratic speed bumps is the best way to get there.

We at American Cannabis Company know better than anyone else how to achieve fast and thorough regulatory compliance, which saves our clients from a litany of complications and time wasted not doing business. We assist our clients in keeping track of their products, sales, income and licensing, which includes ensuring that all of our clients’ records are properly kept and that their facilities meet the state’s requirements.

American Cannabis Company works in markets ranging from recreational cannabis states like California and Colorado to highly regulated ones like Illinois. We have the experience that our clients need to thrive in any kind of cannabis market, and we’re excited about providing our services in America’s newest medicinal cannabis state: Michigan, let us help you  with your dispensary permits.