Dispensary Permits in Nevada

Open a Dispensary in Nevada

Nevada state flagDispensary permits in Nevada are the next great business investment. More people throughout the state are realizing the amazing benefits of medical cannabis thanks to a growing embrace of this plant.

Today, more than 25,000 Nevadans are using medical cannabis, amounting to about 0.85 percent of the population. As relevant laws continue to change for the better, observers expect this number will grow statewide. Likewise, recreational cannabis will create greater demand.

Demographic shifts mean that the time is right to invest in dispensary permits. Many qualifying conditions that allow patients to access medical cannabis are diseases of advanced age – by 2030, 18.6 percent of Nevadans will be 65 and older.

As the population continues to age, medical cannabis is expected to become more prominent as a lifestyle treatment for chronic disease management. An extensive body of research on the potential benefits of cannabis is sure to attract greater interest.

Welcome to Nevada- Legalized Marijuana stateHow to Get a Dispensary License in Nevada

If you are wondering how to get a dispensary license, you are not alone.

Startup ventures and existing businesses in a variety of allied industries have shown keen interest in opening state-licensed dispensaries. Nevada dispensaries would be well equipped to serve a statewide audience and may benefit from increased tourism in Las Vegas and other areas.

All this raises the question of how to enter this exciting industry.

In May 2017, Nevada officially opened an application period for businesses wishing to sell cannabis “early” – close to the July 1 start when recreational sales would be permitted. The application period is now closed, but more dispensaries will surely be needed soon.

The establishment of a dispensary can depend on a number of steps. Prospective businesses must compete for a limited number of dispensary licenses. Under Nevada rules, dispensaries are specifically designated for selling medical cannabis products to patients, but other business types are also defined.

Applications for dispensary licenses take place over a limited period of time each year and they currently carry a fee of $5,000. Applicants must demonstrate at least $250,000 in startup capital and must submit many complex documents, including a detailed plan for legal compliance.

Indoor Cannabis PlantTo Succeed in This Competitive Business, Expertise is a Must

To be selected in the competitive dispensary licensing process, an enterprise needs true expertise and meticulous planning. At American Cannabis Company, Inc. our established record of success with current Las Vegas cannabis businesses gives us unique insight. Our client TGIG recently launched its operations in Las Vegas to great acclaim from the public.

The sooner you get started, the easier and more successful your application is likely to be. To learn more, contact us today.