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Architectural Schematic Design, Permitting & Construction Activities

Cultivation Facility, Processing/Extraction Facility, Dispensary and/or Laboratory Architectural Schematic Design and Construction Support – Consultant’s preferred Cannabis Industry Architect offers the following services under separate contract, as a seamless compliment to the ACC suite of services.
  • Architect will evolve the Concept Design into a set of Schematic Design documents in consultation with the Client and ACC. Schematic Design documents shall further refine the floor plan, process flow and equipment layout of the facility.
  • Architect will act as Design Team leader in conjunction with its preferred Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural engineers. The Design Team will produce Design Development and Construction Documents, which will clearly define and specify building and equipment elements, construction details and integration of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and process systems. The Construction Documents shall be suitable to obtain Building Permits, contractor pricing and to construct the building.
  • Architectural Services may also include the following:
    • Coordination of Civil, Geotechnical, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineering
    • Analysis of construction cost estimates (provided by others) and design options
    • Coordination of security, lighting, low voltage and other consultants as required
    • Interior design services or coordination of consultant
    • Landscape design services or coordination of consultant
    • Commercial fixture design, interior and exterior signage design
    • Coordination of merchandising and/or branding consultants
  • Architect will represent the Client during the construction phase to answer contractors’ questions, review shop drawings, issue change directives and perform site visits at regular intervals. Architect may also assist the client in awarding the construction contract and review applications of payment from the contractor.

Equipment Identification & Sourcing Activities

Dispensary Facility Equipment List—

Consultant will develop an optimal equipment list for dispensary
operations based on previous industry knowledge and experience within the regulated cannabis industry.

  • Consultant will develop an equipment list for dispensary facility equipment based on the facility floor plan, production capabilities and other inputs.

Operational Deployment Activities

Deployment of Dispensary Operations —

See services below.

  • Dispensary Deployment Functions —
    Entails dispensary operational and regulatory training and setup, workflow design and refinement.


    • Consultant will assist Client with the deployment and oversight for dispensary operational activities.
    • Consultant will assist with security systems deployment oversight in coordination with selected security vendor.
    • Consultant will help to develop dispensary volume forecasting to determine workflow and staffing requirements.
    • Review of technology and Point-of-Sale software systems of selected vendors
    • Consultant will develop protocol-based workflow design based on facility floor plan.
    • Consultant will provide education, training and staff preparation on facility(s) operations.
    • Consultant to provide training on all dispensary standard operating procedures, documentation log sheets and record keeping templates.
    • Consultant will provide ACC resource for the deployment oversight of dispensary operations.
  • Operational Workflow Standard Operating Procedures Customization —
    Consultant will edit and customize the industry best practices SOPs based on facility operational workflow and functionality.


    • Retail Dispensary SOPs — Retail Dispensary SOPs cover dispensary operations, activities and regulatory compliance requirements. The Retail Dispensary SOP will be customized to Client’s facility specifications, for workflow optimization and effectiveness.

Operational Monitoring Activities

Remote Operational Monitoring Oversight —

See services below.

Dispensary Facility Operational Support via Phone and/or Video Conference – Consultant to provide operational support via remote phone and/or video conferencing to support operations;

  • Consultant will provide continued and ongoing operational support via remote phone and/or video conferencing. Consultant will be available to offer advice and guidance for operations, answer Client questions pertaining to operational activities, regulatory compliance, workflow optimization, systems checks and balances and other reasonable requests from the Client.
  • Consultant to provide two (2) hours of remote phone/video conferencing support per week for extraction operations.
  • Additional phone support above hours listed per week will be billed at a rate of $250.00 per hour.