Dispensary Permits - State License Applications and Emerging Markets

Licensing & Planning

The merit-based application process has become the preferred model for the majority of states adopting medical, adult use and/or low-THC cannabis programs. ACC’s cannabis consulting division has assisted clients in securing more than 37 dispensary permits and operational licenses in 14 states as well as assisted 2 Canadian firms with completing Health Canada approvals. Our approach is informed with the deep experience of continued success in the merit-based state medical marijuana application processes and our track record of successfully establishing new compliant operations in emerging markets. The “fit” or “composition” of a team is a major component of winning, and ACC carefully selects its clients based on calculated success criteria. We know what it takes and have the formula to replicate it. Our process includes:

  • Strategic Planning Activities
  • Regulatory Review
  • In-Market Visits
  • Financial Pro-forma Model
  • Regulated Cannabis Industry Business Plan
  • Pre-Licensing Branding
  • Dispensary Permits
  • Product Line Design Concept
  • Pre-Licensing Cultivation/Manufacturing (MIP) Facility
  • Pre-Licensing Dispensary Design
  • State Application for Cannabis Business
  • Application Documents
  • Product Licensing and Strategic Partnerships

Everyone knows that marijuana regulations can change tremendously across state lines. Just compare the laws in Colorado to those in Kansas. If that weren’t enough, individual cities and counties may or may not have their own ordinances and regulations regarding cannabis.

No matter what the regulations are in a given place, if it’s somewhere where cannabis is legal, recreationally or medically, there will be plenty of licensing and other red tape to deal with. It may not be fun, and is often pretty complicated, but it is necessary at the moment. We’ve done it before, so we know how tricky the process can be.

While we are based in Colorado, we diligently stay on top of cannabis regulations in every state with any form of legal marijuana (which is now over half of them), and support clients across the nation as they establish their foothold in our fledgling industry. American Cannabis Company has expert cannabis consultants to help you launch your cannabis start-up business.

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Solutions

Whether you’re interested in starting a dispensary that serves medical marijuana patients or you want to open a recreational business, we know what it takes to start that process. That distinction is important. What make for the best MMJ business solutions may not be as effective in the recreational cannabis market. The target demographic is different, the surrounding laws and regulations are different, and the cultures in those sectors are different.

For instance, recreational marijuana is, well, recreational, and your customers might be in the market for something to unwind after work or to have fun with their friends. That’s the kind of business environment that can really benefit from a prominent and fun social media presence, while a medical marijuana dispensary may benefit from a more clinical and professional presentation.

Don’t Go it Alone – We’ve Been there Before, and We Can Help You

Legal marijuana, whether medical or recreational, is still a relatively new idea, and it still involves a dense patchwork of regulations at the local, state and federal levels. We know that firsthand. We’ve been actively engaged in the cannabis industry in various roles since before the recreational marijuana industry was born.

This means that we have the perfect experience as business people, as consultants and as members of the cannabis community to help you develop the cannabis business solutions that can let your business thrive. If that’s your goal – and why would it not be? – book an appointment with us. We can help you realize your goals.

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