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Whether you operate a vertically integrated or stand-alone cannabis business, the challenges are unique and complex. ACC’s solution suite allows you to focus on growing your business by reducing operational challenges and pitfalls.

Geoponics - The Art and Science of Agriculture In Soil

Using Geoponics to Achieve Genetic Optimization of the Cannabis Plant

Our founders began using True Living Organics (TLO) and lean manufacturing principals to optimize cannabis production at their Medical Cannabis Center (MMC/Dispensary) in Boulder, Colorado. The hybrid of agricultural and manufacturing processes presented numerous challenges and opportunities. Since its creation we have focused on adopting best practices and technologies from existing industry sectors while developing proprietary solutions where gaps exist. The outcome of these efforts being our Geoponics Methodology, developed with the goal of optimizing the genetic potential of the Cannabis plant through soil-based cultivation.

To achieve genetic optimization, our methodology provides the plant with a full buffet of macro/micro nutrients in the soil and 24/7 water availability. With our Geoponics Methodology your plants feed and drink when they want. Not only does this promote optimization, it eliminates stress variables while enable you to produce a medicinal grade end-product at a reduced cost. We have simplified the process so you are no longer reliant on staff to maintain quality output. Complex nutrient management and hand watering are eliminated from the workflow. SoHum Living Soils™ bring your plants from clone to harvest without the need for any additives. A successful cannabis operation begins with quality outputs that will pass stringent state consumer testing requirements.

State Of The Art Technology

State of The Art Cultivation A Stroll Through The Grove

American Cannabis Company is proud to offer clients the latest in cultivation technology. ACC seeks out the most innovative, cutting edge and state of the art technology to help optimize your cultivation operation.

  • Reduce cost
  • Create high quality product
  • Efficiency

With indoor cannabis cultivation, every cubic foot counts. Our High Density Cultivation System™ (HDCS™) allows you to eliminate vertical and horizontal loss maximizing your profit potential.

  • Add tiers
  • Eliminate isles
  • Optimize your production

Download our High Density Cultivation System™ PDF Here

High Density Cultivation System


Cultivation Cube

Cultivation Cube Cover

When speed-to-market and location flexibility are key considerations, the Cultivation Cube™ is an ideal solution. These plug-and-play cultivation units provide an optimal cannabis cultivation environment and allow you to get into production immediately once licensed.

  • Pre-built to achieve optimal environments
  • 40% more cultivation space per level over traditional builds
  • Reduced risk of crop loss from plant segmentation

Download our Cultivation Cube™ PDF Here

SoHum Living Soils™ are a key component to our Geoponic Methodology, delivering your plants true genetic optimization.

SoHum Living Soil Featured In Dope Magazine  – Click to See Article

  • Just-Add water
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced cost and labor

SoHum Living Soil


Sustainable Facilities

facility cover

Sustainable operations not only benefit the community you operate within but also your bottom line and the long-term competitiveness of your operations.

  • LED lighting and energy solutions
  • Condensate recapture and water reclamation
  • Soil recycling

Extraction & Infusion

In the constantly evolving cannabis market, it is essential to stay ahead of product trends and accommodate consumer demand.

Extractions & Concentrates


Extractions and concentrates are increasingly becoming the preferred product choice for consumers. Further, many states are now making variations of these products the only option for inhalation (smokeless) delivery of cannabis. Ensuring you can consistently produce these concentrates and meet this rapidly developing consumer segment is imperative to success. We can assist you with facility design and equipment selection to properly build an extraction lab as well as the know-how to operate it.

Commercial Infusion Kitchen

infusion kitchen

Manufactured Infused Products (MIP’s) are seeing a similar explosion in popularity as extractions, especially in adult use markets. Product quality, flavor and consistent dosage are key in achieving success within your MIP’s operation. We offer the full suite of standard services as well as product licensing opportunities to allow you to hit the ground running with brand recognition.

Industry Tailored Solutions

The majority of the equipment we use in the cannabis space currently exist in related industries, however, sometimes a custom tailored solution is required. Our product design team is here to help you overcome these challenges when they arise. 

Pot Washer


When turning over a harvest on a commercial scale, the workflow is significant and any efficiency gains are realized at your bottom line. Many of our solutions are driven by technology, others are industrial solutions that overcome glaring choke points in the workflow like ACC’s cultivation facility Pot Washer.

The Satchel

The Satchel

Retired Item

The Satchel™ is a patented child-resistant vessel that may be used by dispensaries to assemble orders and ensure the proper post-sale handling of cannabis per each state’s legislation. The patented Satchel™ provides increased safety for patients against accidental ingestion by children and animals. As the cannabis markets continue to grow these types of responsible measures will be key to ensuring continued public safety. In addition to meeting this need, the patented Satchel™ also provides operators with an additional branding vehicle for their customers.

Retail & Marketing

We offer retail solutions from design to sales training and marketing, ensuring your company has the reputation of a premier provider.

Retail Sales


Often your only interaction with your customers is at the retail level. Knowledgeable staff is critical but your facilities also need to provide a positive experience and move people through expeditiously. Along with an educated team, the right layout in security and the proper technology solutions are critical in meeting your company goals.

Brand Marketing


From website design to collateral and point-of-sale display we help you deliver a consistent message across all platforms. Included with our marketing services, we offer branding vehicles such as the patented Satchel™ and point-of-sale display opportunities with our Dab Werks™ products. Whatever the right marketing mix is for you, we make sure your brand is positioned properly.

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