What’s In Your Equipment Tech Stack?

When it comes to selecting the right equipment tech stack for our clients, it is essential to prioritize both return on investment (ROI) and sustainability.

A shining example of an ACC equipment tech stack partner that excels in ROI & sustainability is KE Fibertec. KEF specializes in energy efficiency solutions that provide long-term returns that help our clients to reduce their energy costs and preserve the environment for future generations.

The company also puts an emphasis on indoor air quality when designing its systems, ensuring airflow is properly balanced while meeting stringent ventilation requirements. By creating efficient and effective systems, KEF helps to ensure the production of healthy cannabis plants while reducing energy consumption.

It is important to consider that KEF is a cradle-to-cradle-certified company. To become certified, a product must meet strict standards based on a holistic view of product life cycles. This certification is focused on the use of resources throughout the entire lifecycle of a product, including material selection, production processes, and eventual reuse or recycling options.



KEF achieved a Cradle-to-Cradle certification of CradleVent by meeting the requirements of the certification, including the use of non-toxic materials, support for circular economy strategies, reduction or elimination of hazardous substances, and efficient use of energy. In addition, all electric power consumed by KE Fibertec and its weaving mill (KEFVaeveri) is generated by windmills. Consequently, it is CO2 neutral and not harmful to the environment.

KEFs CradleVent system supports sustainable cannabis production by providing an effective solution for ventilation that is both reliable and energy efficient. For these reasons, ACC is very proud to have KE Fabrictec as an equipment tech stack partner because they are at the forefront of product development and environmental considerations.

What is the Difference Between Medical & Recreational Cannabis?

The Difference Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Cannabis, originally derived from the hemp plant, was seen as an essential tool for making sails and ropes back in the 17th century. Today, its uses have diversified to include seeds and oil, and it has become a rich source of dietary protein, minerals, and fiber. Cannabis has been used recreationally and medically for centuries. And while it has been portrayed as an intoxicating drug for years, cannabis has progressively been embraced in 30 states.

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