On-Demand Webcast: Planting Season is Approaching! Are You Ready?

As new hemp farmers look to take advantage of the 2018 Farm Bill and the booming CBD market, they should also learn to take advantage of the expertise preceding them. In this podcast, Ellis Smith speaks to Mike Leago, Founder of the International Hemp Exchange, and Jon Workman, VP of Hemp Development in North America for American Cannabis Company, about the growing pains and valuable lessons in hemp farming.

How To Boost Hemp Production Using Multispectral Imagery

* Learn about modern, specialty precision agriculture tailored to your needs to improve crop quality and yields.
* Learn to ask the right questions to make a decision on whether to buy your own drones and equipment or hire a pilot.
* Learn about the specialized needs of your crop and how to fulfill these needs with appropriate remote sensing equipment and analysis tools for outdoor hemp operations.


Cannabiscope with co-founder and CEO David Schacter. Cannabiscope is creating a platform that will allow users to easily navigate products and find what’s best suited for them. Cannabiscope is going to be selling CBD products directly to consumers and plan to have some of the top CBD brands hosted on their wheel so that consumers will be able to come to their site to find and purchase reputable products to be delivered directly to them. Going into a dispensary where thousands of products are available can be confusing, and nobody has the time to research them all. New and experienced cannabis consumers should check out Cannabiscope, a gamified app where shoppers answer a series of questions to narrow down their options and make an informed, confident buying decision. Beyond consumers, Cannabiscope can help businesses.

Humboldt Seed Company

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Humboldt Seed Company with founder and CEO, Nathaniel Pennington. Nathaniel has been breeding cannabis and working to restore rivers and salmon populations in Humboldt County, CA, for more than 20 years. His prior work in salmon genomics gave him the background to understand the need for unbiased cannabis genomics research. Humboldt Seed Company is on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to customers who want to grow their own cannabis plants.



End To End Harvesting Technology

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End to end harvesting technology with Cullen Raichart, Founder and CEO of GreenBroz, Inc. has more than 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur and inventor. A Veteran of the United States Armed Forces, Cullen is driven to create American-made products that offer solutions to the growing agriculture industry. Prior to founding GreenBroz, Inc., Cullen worked in the corporate world for a Fortune 500 company until realizing his passion for creating innovative products. His goal became the streamlining of the harvesting processes and, in turn, reducing growers time and costs. Cullen’s vision for an end to end harvesting technology has led GreenBroz, Inc. to become a world leader in automated harvesting solutions.

Back in 2013, Cullen noticed a big problem evolving in the legal cannabis space. He saw that cannabis cultivators when processing their harvest were constantly left at the mercy of migrant trimming crews or sub-par automated trimming machines. Cullen noticed that the entire process of cannabis harvesting would need to be improved or flat-out re-invented if the industry wanted to evolve and become a lasting industry in America.

Combining Science And Nature

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Combining science and nature with Stacy Cason from Planetarie. Stacy is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse educational background. She is an Ironman, an investor, a speaker, and has been an active philanthropist for many years. Stacy is eager to lead this organization into the future. Through science and with great passion, by perseverance and empathy, and with bold expectations, they exist to revolutionize wholeness for all living beings and for our world. We envision all living beings as being full of health, happiness while flourishing in a harmonious, symbiotic relationship with our world.

Planetarie has seen the good of CBD firsthand, in themselves, their friends, and their family members. This is personal to their team, and they are committed to extracting the highest quality CBDa and providing the most attentive customer service. Their process extracts CBD with water, yielding a product that is as close to the plant as possible, retaining all the benefits while adding nothing of harm. It’s the art of combining science and nature to create well-being.



3 Rivers Biotech

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3 Rivers Biotech with VP Sales and Business Development, Kevin Mehr. Washington is the home of their licensed facility, but they ship premium tissue cultured plants all over the US and world. From Washington to Florida, they’re here to help hemp farmers de-risk their operations, scale their production safely, and reap the benefits of this exciting crop. Almost every clonally-produced crop has moved to tissue culture plant starts for a reason. Plants that are starting disease-free tend to be highly vigorous throughout their life cycle and focus more energy on growth and secondary metabolite production, augmenting the performance of the crop and economic return.

Dr. Mehr received his Ph.D. in Genome Science and Technology from the University of British Columbia and translates this experience with genetics and plant science to every facet of client management and product development. Dr. Mehr oversees Business Development for 3 Rivers Biotech diverse set of offerings related to plant tissue culture, large-scale micropropagation, and genomics. Dr. Mehr has led the establishment of key partnerships with leading licensed producers in the industry and believes that advanced technologies like plant tissue culture will be the key to outpacing the competition in the industry and stabilization of the supply chain.



High Performance Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

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High performance indoor cannabis cultivation with then director of enterprise Solutions at urban-gro, Colin Ferrian. Urban-gro, Inc. is a leading engineering design services company that integrates complex equipment systems into high performance indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world. The company’s ag tech division, Soleil Technologies, delivers data-driven micro-climate intelligence using high-density sense technology to improve crop quality, consistency, and operational efficiencies.

By combining its design and integration services, industry-leading suite of cultivation equipment and crop management products, and proprietary technology solutions, urban-gro provides integrated solutions for today’s commercial cannabis cultivators to efficiently manage and optimize their cultivation operations. With Urban-Gro’s foundational Cultivation Space Programming services through their full building mechanical engineering and integrated cultivation design services, their coordinated design packages ensure the efficient interaction between the people, plants, and processes. Whether you’re designing a new cultivation facility or ready to scale up to a larger operation, Urban-gro’s team of drafters, engineers, and commissioning agents can help. They bring decades worth of combined commercial cultivation experience to craft fully-integrated systems and technology solutions.



World-Class Training Products

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World-class training products and services with Mike Thompson of SVI LLC, creator of Learner Mobile. SVI designs customized and off-the-shelf products to address every aspect of an organization’s training needs, including design, delivery, management, and evaluation of development programs. Their solutions are delivered on multiple platforms, including web and mobile, to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. When topics require a tailored approach, SVI develops customized instructor-led courses, career assessments, and on-boarding programs for all levels of employees. SVI’s talented team of writers and designers constantly challenge themselves to provide a fresh, innovative learning experience that is engaging, entertaining, and relevant. With Learner Mobile, you can create beautiful, bite-sized content in a flash.

Their performance support tool is a best-in-class mobile solution for forward-thinking people developers like yourself. So, whether your team is out on the floor or out in the world quickly drops the latest information right into the palms of their hands. Learner Mobile’s platform gives your workforce the freedom and mobility to stay on top of the latest industry updates, sales insights, and success stories. Your team can quickly absorb and apply their newfound knowledge while still getting stuff done. As seasoned content curators, instructional designers, and systems geeks, they’re pretty darn good at what they do. Throw in their passion for developing irresistible companies and people, and you’ve got an incredibly talented team in your corner rooting for you. Learner Mobile’s aim is to provide their clients with world-class service, every step of the way. From on-site brainstorms and implementation to ongoing feedback and support, they are dedicated to assisting you.



Ojai Energetics

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Ojai Energetics with founder and CEO, William Kleidon. Ojai Energetics is a certified B-corporation that supports fair trade, sources organic, and operates its own genetics farm in Oregon. They are creators of Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir, the most bioavailable and advanced micro-encapsulation process in the industry. Their proprietary method of encapsulating CBD oil in water is the most effective delivery system of CBD available.