cannabis cultivation task management

Cultivation task management is an important way to refine your processes in order to get the most out of your grow operation. You need to gain data that will help you improve your process over time from yield to yield. Cultivation task management provides learning opportunities for your team to ensure they gain the knowledge and insights to better themselves and to improve their processes.

At its core, cultivation task management is about education – the value of this process is to collect the data that will help you get better at what you’re doing to ensure you’re growing the best cannabis plants possible. Without this data, it’s very hard to measure the success of your operation. Acquiring this data from your cultivation task management efforts allows you to measure and quantify your results to guide your decision making and constantly improve your operations.

There are several elements you must consider when setting up your cultivation task management process. By addressing the following items, you can set your team up for success and gain the valuable insights necessary to improve your grow operation over time.

Designate a Lead/Point Person to Manage the Process

Cannabis Cultivation Task Management
Cannabis Cultivation Task Management

While there will be multiple team members involved in your cultivation task management efforts, it’s crucial to designate one lead person to manage the entire process. This person will be in charge of holding all other team members accountable for their role and ensuring that day to day, all tasks are getting accomplished to move the cultivation process forward.

In order to set your cultivation task management process up for success, your lead person must possess the following attributes:

  • Computer savvy
  • Understands how to read analytics data
  • Has the ability to effectively manage people
  • Is a good trainer (your lead person must relate the data to the rest of the team and instruct them on how to make improvements to your process)

Write Down Your SOPs

It’s important to document the process. This ensures all team members understand how cultivation task management works and what needs to be done during each stage.

Over time, these standard operating procedures (SOPs) may need to be adjusted as your process evolves. The goal is to constantly improve and refine your process to achieve better results with each grow. Writing down your SOPs not only documents your process to ensure it’s being followed correctly, but it also helps you identify steps which may need to be refined over time.

Integrate and Implement Your SOPs

Once you’ve identified and documented your SOPs, it’s time to implement them with your cultivation task management efforts. The key to implementing your SOPs is proper training. You’ll need to define every team member’s role and responsibility, and train them on what every task they’re responsible for entails.

This training should be a one-on-one process with each employee. This will allow you make sure each person understands the process and how everything is expected to be done. By conducting your training in a one-on-one format, you’ll provide greater accountability and get everyone up to speed faster.

Choose a Tracking Mechanism

cannabis cultivation task management tracking
Cannabis Cultivation Task Management Tracking

You need to have some sort of structure to track the entire growing process. This will let you know what is being done on a daily basis and how these tasks are being accomplished. There are several different tools you can use to track the process:

  • Google calendar
  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Artemis
  • Tryn

It doesn’t matter which of these systems you use. Choose the tool that you are most comfortable with and which makes the most sense for your workflow. The important thing is that you’re using something to track the elements of the cultivation process.

The software used in tracking your process will document how long it takes for team members to perform each task. This lets you know that the proper amount of time has been dedicated to each task in the cultivation management process. If you’re using a spreadsheet or Google calendar instead of one of the software tools listed above, you’ll need to have your team enter detailed notes regarding what was completed each day and what still needs to be done.

American Cannabis Company Can Help

Cultivation task management is an essential part of your grow operation, and it’s crucial that you set this process up properly to ensure you have the data you need to continuously improve your ability to grow the best possible cannabis plants. There are many aspects of the cultivation task management process which must be addressed, and it can be helpful to enlist the assistance of a third-party consultant to ensure you’re doing everything correctly. If you feel like you’d benefit from this assistance, American Cannabis Company can help.

At American Cannabis Company, we have a team of experienced growers and cultivation experts who have invested years in testing and refining their processes to develop the best plants possible. We’re not tied to a specific solution. Instead, our team will always recommend the best process to address the unique needs of your business. This allows us to help you customize your cultivation task management efforts for the best possible results.

Our team has been on the forefront of clean green growing for years, and we can help you establish a Clean Green Certified process that uses federally organic standards established under USDA guidelines. This can help you maintain an environmentally sustainable grow process that produces the best quality plants.

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