This past November, New Jersey residents voted to legalize the recreational use of cannabis for individuals over the age of 21. Anytime a state first legalizes cannabis, it triggers a complex process that must be completed before operations can open for business. This process is already underway in New Jersey, as they have been acting fast to get their legal cannabis industry up and running.

The following information will provide an overview of important points you need to know if you’re interested in entering New Jersey’s fledgling cannabis industry.

When Will Use of Recreational Cannabis Officially Be Legal?

Newark road sign with a picture of a marijuana leaf - New Jersey Cannabis LegalizationWhile voters legalized adult use of recreational cannabis on election day, New Jersey lawmakers must pass a bill regulating the use of cannabis before it will officially become legal. While Senator Nicholas Scutari has expressed a hope that the bill will pass quickly, there is no exact timeline for when it will go into effect.

Senator Scutari and Senator Stephen Sweeney introduced Bill S-21 – “New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act” shortly after election day. Once it is ratified, the bill will make the personal use of cannabis legal for adults over the age of 21. It will also establish the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to oversee the cannabis industry in New Jersey.

What Is the Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC)?

The CRC will consist of five individuals appointed by the state to supervise the development, regulation and enforcement of cannabis sales and consumption throughout New Jersey. The CRC will also be responsible for implementing the legislation passed as part of Bill S-21.

Currently, two of the five members have been appointed. Dianna Houenou has been selected as the CRC Chair, and Krista Nash has been named a member of the CRC. In addition, Jeff Brown, New Jersey’s Assistant Commissioner of the Department of Health, has been mentioned as a leading candidate to be the first CRC Executive Director. This is a logical choice, as he currently oversees New Jersey’s medical marijuana program.

The CRC’s regulatory powers are still being formulated. At the moment, we know the CRC will have the authority to:

  • Adopt, amend or repeal regulations controlling the cannabis marketplace
  • Grant, refuse, suspend, revoke, cancel or limit licenses and conditional licenses associated with the cannabis industry

Cannabis Licensure in New Jersey

New Jersey has currently established six classes of cannabis licenses:

  • Class 1 Cannabis Grower License – allows you to grow, cultivate or produce cannabis in the state
  • Class 2 Cannabis Processor License – allows you to manufacture, prepare and package cannabis
  • Class 3 Cannabis Wholesale License – allows you to store and sell cannabis strictly for the purposes of resale
  • Class 4 Cannabis Distributor License – allows you to engage in intrastate transportation of cannabis in bulk
  • Class 5 Cannabis Retailer License – allows you to sell cannabis directly to consumers
  • Class 6 Cannabis Delivery License – allows for the delivery of cannabis from a licensed retailer to the general public

In addition, the CRC will have the ability to create new license categories as they deem necessary.

Focus on Promoting Small Businesses

cannabis dispensary signThe current version of Bill S-21 reserves 25% of all licenses in each class for microbusinesses. The purpose of this addition to the bill is to prevent large interstate franchises from dominating the New Jersey cannabis marketplace.

To be classified as a microbusiness, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You can only have a maximum of ten employees
  • You can process a maximum of 1,000 cannabis plats each month
  • Your cannabis establishment cannot exceed 2,500 square feet
  • You cannot acquire more than 1,000 pounds of cannabis in dried form for retail, resale or processing each month

The current bill also places some restrictions on the ability to hold two classes of licenses at the same time. Once retail sales launch in the state, there will be an 18-month limitation on the number and classes of licenses that any one individual may hold. In particular, a licensed grower, processor, wholesaler, distributor or delivery service cannot also obtain a retail license, and vice versa. In addition, growers and processors will only be allowed to hold two concurrent licenses at first.

Applying for a Cannabis License

License applications won’t be processed until all members of the CRC have been appointed and all CRC regulations have been established. This will most likely happen during 2021.

You must submit your license application to the CRC. You must also apply for separate licenses for each location where you intend to operate. You can file a renewal application up to 90 days prior to the expiration of your initial annual license.

The first steps you should take in preparing for obtaining a cannabis license include:

  • Create an application team to handle the process
  • Make sure your corporate formation documents are filed with the proper entity
  • Think about the location of your new cannabis business

You’ll need to provide the CRC with proof of local support for the location of your proposed cannabis business. In addition, the CRC plans to prioritize applications based on impact zones. An area will be considered an impact zone if it contains a population of at least 120,000 people and ranks in the top 40% of New Jersey municipalities for cannabis-related arrests.

American Cannabis Company Can Help You Establish Your New Business

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